Quack Quack, Tweeter is Dead

quack@POTUS: товарищ Putin, stop stalking me. We want to be friends.
@theRealPutin: I did not, that’s fake news.
@POTUS: Xi 同志, stop your military build up in South China Sea.
@POTUS: South China Sea belongs to the world, we are just protecting freedom to navigate. You cannot just build islands out of sand banks.
…… Silence

Meanwhile back in the USA, Soros bought over Twitter, and shuts it down. Hurray, Twitter is dead. No more tweets.

@POTUS: Hello, hello, my tweeting bird is dead. Sigh! Need to hold press conferences again. So inconvenient.

$JackMa: Hello Mr President, don’t worry, you can now QuackQuack. $POTUS has been reserved for your exclusive use. Tweet no more, Quack.

$POTUS: Thank you Mr Jack Ma. Quack quack…

$JackMa: You are welcome Mr President. Please be assured that our servers in China are very secure. We have our army protecting them 24×7. No one can hack our servers, they are all made in China with no malware.

Nahum 3:1

Woe to the bloody city, completely full of lies and pillage; Her prey never departs.





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