No Longer Me

soldierArmed with gifts for his 5 year old daughter Sophie and a bouquet of flowers for his wife, Adam was in high spirits as he headed home after  a year of military attachment in the Middle East. But tragedy awaited him at the doorstep. Unbeknown to him, Sophie was eagerly waiting to give him a surprised hug. As Adam sneaked into the hallway of his house, Sophie jumped on his back in surprise. Without hesitation, Adam grabbed Sophie from behind and threw her to the ground with merciless force. Sophie groaned and took her last breath.

Adam’s subconscious mind told him what he was taught to do. Scenes of death and carnage were still spinning vividly in his mind. He was a trained marine. He was taught to survive. His instinct to ward off an attack from behind was swift and merciless. But there was no attack at his home. It was just a surprise hug from his beloved Sophie. How did he know? For him, it was a programmed reaction for survival. At that critical moment, Adam did not respond to reason. His action was spontaneous. He was conditioned to respond to an external stimuli.That had become his second “nature”.

The first thing that the military does to a recruit is to break him down. A new recruit in the military is just another digit. Recruits are stripped off all traces of self-esteem. They are shaven bald to look stupid. They are conditioned never to challenge superiors. Their vocabulary is limited to “Yes Sir” or “No Sir”. Repetitive conditioning turns them into little robots that respond to commands and other stimuli such as gunfire. Why do soldiers march? Left right left right …… about turn …. halt. It’s mind programming. Soldiers cannot think for themselves. They must act on command, unconditionally.

When veterans return from long war service, many no longer are able to adapt to “normal” life. Normalcy becomes alien to them. They have to be re-programmed to adjust to civilian life. Some make it. Some don’t. Veteran suicides are high.


The average person is also subject to various forms of mind control and manipulation stimuli. Unlike the military, these are subtle, possibly subversive and more potent. The media industry covering entertainment and advertisements does not spend billions for nothing. They know that can transform a lie into a truth. Just keep repeating it. It is a perpetual war for your soul (and money of course).


The success of advertising depends on mind conditioning through repetitive exposure to scientifically research visual and audio stimuli. Celebrities and sportsmen are paid millions just to be associated with a brand. In doing so, its objective is to steer or fool the self-esteem of gullible masses via association with celebrities (a form of subtle idol worship). It no longer matters if a product comes from the sweat shops in China or India. The brand is all that matters. Thousands of labouradsers work like ants for $10 a day to churn out an item while Tiger Woods (could be any celebrity, nothing against Woods) smiles on massive screens and magazine covers all over the world, reaping millions for his iconic grin. That’s the power of mind conditioning. You are now owned, no longer your own. It defies logic seeing people queuing for days for a new release of iPhone. Not that it is free, on the contrary it costs a fortune!

flower-bloom-animated-gif9In this mad world of information excesses and propaganda bombardment, are you still yourself? Are you becoming robotic? Will you cringed in cold turkey spasms when denied that little screen that has now become part of you?

Regain your mind and soul. Enjoy the beauty of nature that is free. It is created for our enjoyment. When creation was completed, God said… “It is good”. And it is so. Nothing in this world can compare with the majestic beauty of creation.

Ephesians 6:12

12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.


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