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beggarsThe streets are littered with beggars. The sight is not pretty. It is not just Calcutta. There are other slums like the notorious Smokey Mountain in Manila. They are everywhere if you care to look. In the streets of prosperous nations too. Los Angeles – New York, Sydney, London, Paris. You see them there although they may be not as ugly and obvious as in some parts of third world countries. But they are there, sometimes hidden from sight because people have become apathetic and immune to them. At some point in life, you asked and screamed at God at the abject moral travesty of man. Why – God?  Then a voice whispered from the bowels of your deep —- Read the rest of this entry »



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No Longer Me

soldierArmed with gifts for his 5 year old daughter Sophie and a bouquet of flowers for his wife, Adam was in high spirits as he headed home after  a year of military attachment in the Middle East. But tragedy awaited him at the doorstep. Unbeknown to him, Sophie was eagerly waiting to give him a surprised hug. As Adam sneaked into the hallway of his house, Sophie jumped on his back in surprise. Without hesitation, Adam grabbed Sophie from behind and threw her to the ground with merciless force. Sophie groaned and took her last breath. Read the rest of this entry »

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Freedom…Oh Freedom

eaglesFreedom – a word that conjures up an Utopian state of euphoria and ecstasy where man’s spirit roams free. Freedom is to feel the gentle breeze caressing your face in a scented garden as butterflies and birds chirp merrily around you. Watch eagles soar above the clouds! Freedom is the moment you gaze into the crimson sunset as the sun sinks under the horizon as day transits into night and stars begin to twinkle against the backdrop of deep dark space. Even if that’s only for a fleeting moment in time, that sensation of freedom defines that epoch in life. That magic moment – is freedom! Read the rest of this entry »

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Tweeting Diplomacy

tweet1How much has the world of politics changed since social media took on traditional mass media? The modus operandi for communication by most politicians is via an official channel that is highly controlled by a team of professional script writers and spokesmen. Every word is scrutinised for political correctness. It’s pure political masquerade. They call that ensuring “political correctness”. In essence, the official words of political leaders may or may not be his words. They are words written for him by professionals and could be dictated by powers that are beyond him. But things are beginning to change.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Quack Quack, Tweeter is Dead

quack@POTUS: товарищ Putin, stop stalking me. We want to be friends.
@theRealPutin: I did not, that’s fake news.
@POTUS: Xi 同志, stop your military build up in South China Sea.
@POTUS: South China Sea belongs to the world, we are just protecting freedom to navigate. You cannot just build islands out of sand banks.
…… Silence
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Hollywood & Politics

hollywood-global-warming-save-planet-political-cartoonHollywood is all about make belief. It provides a platform for creating entertainment. Hollywood products entertain, create illusion and sometimes numb the soul from the drudgery of mundane life. Often, the euphoria of such entertainment is temporal, as it should be. Occasionally they become addictive such as Star Wars which evolved into an industry of its own. Politics is the antithesis of Hollywood. It is about people and reality. Like oil and water, politics and Hollywood belongs to two worlds that will never mix. Read the rest of this entry »

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Fake News

fakenewsThe latest buzz phrase emanating from Yankee press is “fake news”. Have you ever wondered when you first heard of “fake news”. Indeed, not until recently did this “fake ” craze came into our daily vernacular. So what is so special about fake news? When did news become real or fake? Have you ever wondered?

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