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No Longer Me

soldierArmed with gifts for his 5 year old daughter Sophie and a bouquet of flowers for his wife, Adam was in high spirits as he headed home after  a year of military attachment in the Middle East. But tragedy awaited him at the doorstep. Unbeknown to him, Sophie was eagerly waiting to give him a surprised hug. As Adam sneaked into the hallway of his house, Sophie jumped on his back in surprise. Without hesitation, Adam grabbed Sophie from behind and threw her to the ground with merciless force. Sophie groaned and took her last breath. Read the rest of this entry »


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Lie Upon Lie

indexPaul Craig Roberts – The latest Washington lie, this one coming from NATO, is that Russia has invaded Ukraine with 1,000 troops and self-propelled artillery.

How do we know that this is a lie? Is it because we have heard nothing but lies about Russia from NATO, from US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, from assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland, from Obama and his entire regime of pathological liars, and from the British, German, and French governments along with the BBC and the entirety of the Western media?

This, of course, is a good reason for knowing that the latest Western propaganda is a lie. Those who are pathological liars don’t suddenly start telling the truth.  Read the rest of this entry »

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