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Freedom…Oh Freedom

eaglesFreedom – a word that conjures up an Utopian state of euphoria and ecstasy where man’s spirit roams free. Freedom is to feel the gentle breeze caressing your face in a scented garden as butterflies and birds chirp merrily around you. Watch eagles soar above the clouds! Freedom is the moment you gaze into the crimson sunset as the sun sinks under the horizon as day transits into night and stars begin to twinkle against the backdrop of deep dark space. Even if that’s only for a fleeting moment in time, that sensation of freedom defines that epoch in life. That magic moment – is freedom! Read the rest of this entry »


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Self Efficient Life

ScreenShot_20150722213114The Burning Platform – Every Summer we are approached by the sons of neighbors, or their mothers, asking if we have work on the farm. For some it is curiosity, for others a desire to earn a few dollars doing something other than sitting around playing video games. Sometimes they work out, others times they don’t, but we almost always give them a shot if we are asked and in some cases it becomes an annual ritual that ends when they go off to college.As a practice I send the off to the chicken coop with a pitchfork and a wheelbarrow and after a brief period of instruction leave them to clean it out. If they return the next day we’ve got a keeper and we move on to other tasks, if not we save each other a lot of time and frustration. I ran into one of them recently, a young man now, who once drove hundreds of cedar fence posts with a sledge hammer for us the first year we began our life in this place and he lit up with a huge smile when he saw me and rushed over to shake my hand.  Read the rest of this entry »


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The Story of Life

life-deathIn the beginning ….. The Prologue

A new-born baby shrieks as he gasps and sucks in his first breath of life outside the womb. In the maternity room, his parents cried with joy. Cradling the bundle of joy in her hands, his mother returned home. The house is filled with well wishes floral arrangements and congratulatory notes. A new life begins. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pro-Life, Pro-Law

imagesIn 10 days time, 8 people, charged for drug dealing in Indonesia are to be sent to the gallows. The decision, at the moment seems final. There will be no more appeal. Several acrimonious diplomatic efforts by Australia to seek clemency for 2 Australians were not successful.  To make matters worse, the typically uncouth remarks by the Australian premier pertaining to Australian aid to Indonesia created another backlash. Indonesians felt slighted and retorted by collecting money to “repay” the $1 billion aid Australia gave for the Aceh tsunami victims. Read the rest of this entry »

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