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More MH370 Parts?

indexThe jig-saw puzzle suspense continues to build up. Another piece of potential MH370 part suddenly showed up. Unlike the previous 2-meter long debris, which is covered with some barnacles, this one appears different. No trace of prolonged submersion under sea water is evident. It looks more like a rather “brand new” part hastily dumped some 25 km away from where the first part was found(just like the other almost new part that was reported found previously, read “A Boeing 777 Part – So What?“). Now, the mystery deepens. At the rate, is not difficult to speculate that more little parts and puzzles will continue to appear in due time. Read the rest of this entry »


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Rosetta-Philae Skeptics

rosetta-landing-comet-philae.siRT News –‘The lander Philae, dropped onto the surface of Comet 67P by the Rosetta spacecraft, has reawakened and reported back, the European Space Agency says. Philae has been out of contact for the past 7 months.

First contact with Philae lasted 85 seconds. It turns out the lander had woken up earlier, but this is the first time since November it has managed to “speak” to Earth.”
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