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Weekender: Airstrip in Middle of Nowhere

© AP Photo/ Roley Dela Pena, Pool

© AP Photo/ Roley Dela Pena, Pool

Wikipedia – “Fiery Cross Reef, also known as “Northwest Investigator Reef”, “Yongshu Island” (永暑岛) and “Yongshu Reef” (永暑礁) by the Chinese,[1] “Kagitingan Reef” by the Philippines,[2] and “Đá Chữ Thập” by the Vietnamese, is a group of three reefs on the western edge of Dangerous Ground in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea.”

Sputnik – Images obtained by IHS Jane’s Defense Weekly from Airbus Defence and Space show just how rapid the island growth has been. With construction beginning only last year, Fiery Cross Reef is now home to China’s first airstrip in the South China Sea. With 503 metered already paved, the runway could be as long as 3,000 meters once completed. That’s long enough to support heavy military transport planes and fighter jets, according to Washington’s Center for Strategic and International Studies. Read the rest of this entry »



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