More MH370 Parts?

indexThe jig-saw puzzle suspense continues to build up. Another piece of potential MH370 part suddenly showed up. Unlike the previous 2-meter long debris, which is covered with some barnacles, this one appears different. No trace of prolonged submersion under sea water is evident. It looks more like a rather “brand new” part hastily dumped some 25 km away from where the first part was found(just like the other almost new part that was reported found previously, read “A Boeing 777 Part – So What?“). Now, the mystery deepens. At the rate, is not difficult to speculate that more little parts and puzzles will continue to appear in due time.

New probable "MH370" part found

New probable “MH370” part found

Look at this piece of “new part” and decide for yourself if you think this had been submerged in sea water for more that a year. A simple way to determine how long an object has been submerged in sea water is to ascertain the growth of barnacles on it. This should not be rocket science. Shouldn’t the experts be looking into this aspect of relatively simple science to confirm if the parts had been submerged for almost one and a half years? The suspense is building up. Reports are claiming more “confidence” that the parts belong to MH370. Just wait for the eureka moment of “truth”. It will be as already “announced”.

Read on some “interesting” reports from main stream media. –HUNT FOR MH370: Second object found on Reunion Island

BBC News – MH370 search: New debris on Reunion investigated

CNN – Debris found on island is from same type of aircraft as MH370, Malaysia says

Oops, Malaysian Director General of Civil Aviation Azharuddin Abdul Rahman now denied that it is part of MH370. USA Today reports,

“I’m the one leading the investigation in France for the analysis of the (wing flap) piece brought back,” Malaysian Director General of Civil Aviation Azharuddin Abdul Rahman told AFP and other media outlets. “I read all over media it (the new debris) was part of a door. But I checked with the Civil Aviation Authority, and people on the ground in Reunion, and it was just a domestic ladder.”

And to add more suspense to the news, a contradicting statement by an aviation expert is also reported in the same article,

Aviation security expert Christophe Naudin told France’s BFM-TV that just three 777s have crashed since 2013 and the other two were in completely different locations, the AP reported.

“One is in the United States, one in Ukraine, and this one in the Indian Ocean,” he said. “In the aeronautic community there is no (doubt) on the issue of what the debris belongs to. We are all convinced that it belongs to this flight (370).”

For those not interested in suspense journalism, it is time to pick up your Readers Digest and ignore all news about MH370.

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