A Boeing 777 Part – So What?

_84565572_8bed3b64-b5c5-44dc-9194-febe1e9b0ca6On 14 March 2014, a Malaysian Boeing 777 went missing during a MH370 flight. Mysteries surrounded that fated disappearance (read “MH370 Once More“). Theories as to why the massive airliner just vanished were abound. None could be nearer the truth. Suffice to say that official speculation was that it went off course to somewhere west of Australia. Australian Prime Ministered vowed that the search will go on until it is found. The search went silent, until yesterday. Perhaps this piece of “evidence” brings closure to this vow that may otherwise be unfulfilled.

A piece of airline part was found by workers on Reunion island on Wednesday. With that, virtually all mainstream news went berserk into overdrive to announce that it is a 777 Boeing part, even before any expert has made any examination of the found debris. More news confirmed that since no 777 Boeing has ever crashed into the area, it has to be from MH370. Sounds convincing. Not long after, news broke that a tattered luggage bag was also found. By now, almost everyone representing official news were making claims that this has to be it. Such reporting is a far cry from investigative and professional journalism.

BBC News MH370 search: Reunion debris ‘very likely’ part of plane

Debris found on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion is “very likely” to be from the missing flight MH370, a top Australian official has told the BBC.

Martin Dolan, who heads Australia’s search efforts, also said the operation was continuing “in the right place” in the southern part of the ocean. (Note that the Australians previously said the same thing when scouring the oceans thousands of kilometres away from Reunion island.)

CNN News – MH370 search: Debris found in Reunion may give clues on when plane part broke

When investigators get an in-person view of a wing component that likely came from a Boeing 777, they’ll be looking for not only a serial number but clues as to why the part broke off the Boeing 777.

One group of independent observers said Thursday that the damage to the component — a right wing flaperon — should give authorities a good indication that the piece came off while the plane was still in the air. (Note: Without the black box records, it is extremely difficult to determine cause of crashes. Somehow in this case, a small fragment is able to give authorities a good indication of the event).

The Telegraph – MH370 search: Malaysia says ‘almost certain’ debris discovered from Boeing 777

Authorities believe a six-foot metallic object that washed up on a beach in Reunion island in the Indian Ocean is “almost certain” to be from the missing MH370 aircraft, marking a breakthrough that could finally solve the 17-month mystery surrounding the fate of the plane.

As a team of Malaysian officials made their way to the remote French island off the coast of Africa, investigators said images of the object indicated it was a piece of a Boeing 777 – and no other such aircraft aside from MH370 is known to have gone missing above water. (How could this fragment solve the mystery surrounding the fate?)

Sky News – MH370 Search: New Items Wash Ashore On Reunion

Here's a close up of the washed up plastic bottle that may have been onboard doomed flight MH370, according to reports. It appears to be some kind of cleaning product featuring Indonesian writing - do you recognise it?

Here’s a close up of the washed up plastic bottle that may have been onboard doomed flight MH370, according to reports. It appears to be some kind of cleaning product featuring Indonesian writing – do you recognise it?

A Chinese water bottle and an Indonesian cleaning product have washed up on Reunion Island, where debris that could be from MH370 was found this week.

Experts are preparing to analyse the piece of aircraft, which could be part of a wing from the Malaysia Airlines flight that vanished last year.

Malaysian officials are confident the piece is from MH370, as a police helicopter searches the remote Indian Ocean island for more debris. (Note: I found Chinese water bottles, Indian cans, American plastic wrappers, …., virtually items of international origins anytime along beaches. The Indonesian bottle said to be of interest looked more like just taken fresh from the factory!)

All these news bare the hallmarks of mass psy-ops, preparing blind masses to accept officially sanctioned announcements. It is intriguing how the public could swallow such “news”. Just as Adolf Hitler proudly declared, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” Only Chinese news and a few smaller Asian news reported more measured and professionally crafted reports.

Reuters (ChannelNewsAsia) – China says seeking to confirm situation over possible MH370 debris

China said on Thursday that it is “seeking to confirm the situation with relevant countries” after French authorities said they were studying a piece of plane debris found on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean to determine whether it came from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

In a faxed statement to Reuters, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said that the Chinese government “will pay close attention to developments”.

Statistically, as of August 2008, 56 customers have placed orders for 1,092 777s, according to Wikia. Notwithstanding having parts serialised with unique numbers, it is not too difficult to have a 6 feet part scavenged and “cultured” in the ocean for “later discovery”. It is not impossible for those with power and money to ensure closure of MH370 mystery via surreptitious and diabolical means. This is especially so if the aircraft was hijacked by the same people. Finding a plane debris may be significant in the case of trying to solve the MH370 mystery. But based on current reported news, the probability of solving this mystery is low and is far from over.

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