Brave New Family

imagesJust not too long ago, family virtues such as respect for the elderly, honesty and integrity were taught. Values today have apparently deviated from these core values that were once sacrosanct. What has gone wrong with education and societal values today? In just a short span of a few decades, the good old family structure has disintegrated. It is a ME society now. Frank Sinatra had foresight to sing his award-winning song “I did it my way” (listen here). Indeed, that may be the beginning of the end of the “family” when ME becomes the centre of a person’s life.

Many American families today has no semblance of a family. Marriages are broken and children are raised in single parent homes. Others saw through a chain of step fathers and mothers in succession of marriages. And darker days are ahead as children are raised up in homes where the parents are of the same-sex. All these in the name of equality and democracy. If that is what Americans desire, they got it. But the price to pay in the future will be great.

Broken families and poverty are recipes for broken societies. Poverty is a lesser evil compared with broken families. In many poor countries, an intact family is able to brave the vagaries of financial hell and hardship. It may be hard, but the family values can sustain them through the depths of hell. Not so for broken families. They have no life-lines to rely on.

The broken-ness is often reflected in family violence. In the video here, an elderly mother is seen being slapped by her daughter as was reported (read article here). This is the outcome of the demise of core family values. This ME generation needs to take a hard look at life’s values. Technology cannot improve lives in its true meaning. There may still be time to turn back. But that window is closing fast, you may be lucky to slip through.

Matthew 19:19
Honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.


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