More than a Woman

egypt-woman-dressed-man.siWoman libbers screamed at the top of their voices for “liberty” and equality of the sexes. Have they got it all wrong? Or are these just delusive utterances? Fundamentally, they have started on a wrong premise – an erroneous concept of equality of the sexes. Had the approach be on the basis of functional equality, all would have been well. If equally is seen as all being the same, then a frail woman is expected to work in the fields as men do, braving the harsh vagaries of the weather. Women will have to take up arms and fight the battles of terror and blood. Is this what woman libbers are craving for?

This is the story of Sisa. It was not her choice to be “equal with man”. It was a sad story of circumstances to survive.

Sisa Abau Dauh El-Nemr, now 65, has been living a man’s life for over four decades. RT visited the woman who has been wearing men’s clothes and working tough jobs, in her home town of Luxor in Egypt.

“I was 16 when I got married. My husband passed away when I was six months pregnant. After giving birth, I stayed with my mother in law for 40 days, and then I was told to remarry,” Sisa told RT Documentary (RTD) team. Having decided that she wanted to take care of her daughter instead, she “started working, carrying bricks up and down,” she added, saying that it was hard, but worth the effort.

“I’ve worked hard, but it’s better than having a second husband. I’d rather eat dirt and feed stones to my daughter, than find myself another husband,” Sisa told RTD.

Having come from a conservative Egyptian background, it wasn’t considered appropriate for the woman to work in the 1970s. So Sisa disguised herself as a man to be able to find employment and raise her daughter. She needed men’s clothes to try and have a source of income, she said.

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Proverbs 31:10
Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.


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