Last Tango in Athens

2015-06-25_191959The music begins. The pair of dancers took position, feeling the pulsating beat of the habanera rhythm – pomp … pomp ….. pomp…… and off they go.  The slender and sexy lady gyrated gracefully to the tune of the beats with staccato twists, somersaults and turns in the steady hands of her partner.  The pair floated and glided over the dance floor. The ambience was dreamily romantic. The pairing was made in heaven. Until they awake from the dream. 

That was no dream. It was a real nightmare. That was Greece in the arms of the Euro. A euphoric Greece being led with twists, turns and somersaults by the domineering EU into the Eurozone – the twilight zone of illusions. It was a union of no returns. There is no binding constitution to break them apart. The Eurozone was supposed to be a union of perpetual togetherness with no way out clause. Just like the good old traditional marriage – till death do us part.

But it is not to be. For Greece, the music did stop. Greece is now dancing The Last Tango in Athens. The clock will soon strike midnight and Cinderella Greece must face reality and kiss the Eurozone goodbye. It will be back to rags. The magic of heaven will vanish into thin air at the strike of the clock. Now that the Tango has ended, what’s next for Greece? Ironically, the simple truth can never be accepted by the Greeks while Greece continues in slumberland. The truth is that Greece is bankrupt, and no saviour is there to bail out debts that could not be repaid. Perhaps a “bail-in” may help.

Greece is in a state of REM sleep. The eyes are fluttering rapidly while the body lays idle. Greece appears to be actively moving but is in fact in deep sleep. Wake up and face the truth and start all over again with earnest work and honesty. That is the only cure. The impasse between the pair (Greece and the Euro) cannot be resolved. What purpose does it serve knowing that debt cannot be paid to continue with futile pretense and pile up more debt? The music has stopped playing. The tango is over.

Matthew 18:30
And he would not: but went and cast him into prison, till he should pay the debt.


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