It’s Getting Weird

imagesThe world is getting incredibly weird. There’s something in the air that doesn’t smell right. Yet, that strangeness is hard to pin-point. It’s there, but a veil subtly keeps it from view. Man wants man, woman wants woman, sexually. When the fun wears thin, animals will be next. Not to forget robots for sex too. Hollywood goes full nudity. Women proudly display their bodies and there is no longer any hint of shame. It makes one wonder why fashion is necessary. Why the oohs and aahs at fashion shows featuring a few meaningless pieces of garment draped over women. The best fashion is what God makes for you – your skin.

Then there is another world that flips everything around. That is the Muslim world. Women are fully covered, except for a tiny slit that allows for vision. No nudity – but man still craves for that which is hidden behind the garment. Perhaps it allows for imagination to run amok, hence the extra thrill. What’s going on? Is there still something that may be construed as morality anymore? Is there right or wrong that man (and woman) can vehemently lay his finger on so as to make a proclamation of “being right”? Or is it really free for all now? Nothingness. Foolish existentialism. This world is just a massive illusion of gigantic scale. We have all be fooled.

Reuters / Jean-Paul Pelissier

Reuters / Jean-Paul Pelissier

Indeed, consciousness is now unconscious. How about adding a little more fun to life? Since we have separate toilets for man and woman, it is also fair to set aside different days for man and woman to shop to ensure segregation of the sexes. RT News reports,

“A grocery store in Bordeaux has caused a furor among local residents after the store’s owners, who are newly converted to Islam, reserved gender-specific days for its customers to make sure that men’s and women’s paths never cross.

The “De L’Orient à L’Occidental” grocery in Bordeaux has put a sign on its front door saying that “sisters” can only shop during the weekend, while “brothers” are welcome at the store twice as often – on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Bordeaux Mayor Alain Juppé has condemned the initiative, calling it “unacceptable,” and saying it “totally contradicts the republic’s rules of equality and diversity.”

Isn’t  the world getting more weird?

Mark 4:19
And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful.


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