War Drums Humming

imagesThe Dark Side force is looming strong. The urge for war grows with intensity each day. Not just wars that decimate people and property. But wars that destroy through the unseen powers of money. Greece is reeling under the enormity of debt that it could not repay. Ironically, the lenders are deep in debt too. Soon, when money stops flowing, so will food supplies. Then civil unrest follows and soon people die, but with more dignity compared with gruesome blood flowing from dismembered bodies. Still, it is the same. It is WAR.

Responding to NATO troop deployment in the vicinity of Russian borders, the Russians are kicked into action. RT News reports:

“If someone threatens our territories, it means that we will have to aim our armed forces accordingly at the territories from where the threat is coming. How else could it be? It is NATO that approaching our borders, it’s not like we are moving anywhere,” Putin said speaking at a joint media conference with Finland’s President Sauli Niinisto in Moscow on Tuesday.

“I’d refrain from whipping up emotions. Of course, we will analyze everything but so far I see nothing that might prompt us to [take responsive measures],” he said. “What worries us more is the anti-missile defense system that is being deployed – that is a significant thing of strategic importance.”

The comments come after The New York Times ran a piece Saturday, which said the Pentagon could store “battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other heavy weapons for as many as 5,000 American troops in several Baltic and Eastern European countries.”

Day later, Poland and Lithuania revealed on-going talks with Washington to host US military equipment warehouses. This prompted a harsh reaction from Moscow; Russia warned that it has no binding obligations limiting its armed forces in its Western region.

Hopefully, these back and forth threats are just big boys poking fun at each other. They are simply too free and bored. There are no other nefarious intentions other than rhetoric. They will pass after a few scoldings from mummy and daddy for the foolish utterances. “Stop it boys!” We sincerely hope so and that the war drums will soon fade away. Meanwhile, relax and enjoy the “Let it Go Frozen Parody” below:

Mark 13:7
And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet.


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