Sleeping on Someone Else’s Bed

indexTraveling is fun. It allows an escape from the daily humdrum routines. It can be one’s dream of a lifetime. Beyond the trills and excitement of traveling, there are other horror stories from travelers too. The first thing upon leaving home is that you will find yourself sleeping on a strange bed. A bed that probably has been laid on by thousands of strangers. A bedroom that countless events have taken place before you. A bed that may just had a murder victim removed hours ago. That really doesn’t sound that palatable. Whether it is a no-star or 5-star hotel, lying on an alien bed is inevitable. That itself is a story to be told.

Two gigantic talisman guard the dorrway. source:

Two gigantic talisman guard the dorrway. source:

You may have heard of creepy stories. Taipei’s’ Grand Hyatt is one story to be told. “Taipei’s luxurious resort was built over a former wartime political prison and is said to be haunted by the ghosts of several inmates who were executed, according to local residents. The hotel has placed a Chinese sutra and other sacred scrolls throughout the lobby in an attempt to rid the place of any wandering spirits.”The Telegraph.  This is no rumour. At the lobby, you are greeted by two gigantic Chinese talisman to ward away ghosts. At the Grand Hyatt, your hotel service goes beyond the natural. Be prepared. lists top 10 haunted hotels in Asia. Thailand heads the list with 4 in the top 10 list. That is expected as Thais are very superstitious people. Spirits and ghosts are virtually part of their culture. In Thailand, do as Thais do – welcome the unseen.

Back to earthly problems, hotels have endless hidden secrets and horror stories to make life more interesting too. Travelers contribute to many of these hotel woes. There are guests carting away the whole room furniture, TV included. Some displayed great ingenuity, downing the bottles of whiskey and replacing them carefully with the right colour urine. Don’t imagine that 5-star hotels will provide 5-star equivalent services. It boils down to hotel management and etiquette. Unscrupulous operators will re-use soiled towels and bed sheets so long as they “look clean”.

The has more stories to invigorate your hotel stay.

Among items the Best Western hotel group reported stolen recently were a 20kg suit of armour, a two-piece leather sofa, a four-metre model of the Concorde supersonic airliner, a fully decorated Christmas tree, a life-size paper-mache mannequin, TV sets too many to mention and even a cigarette vending machine.

Another hotel’s housekeeping staff was astonished to find all the carpet underneath a bed had been carefully cut out and removed. One shudders at the motivation.

A popular Melbourne four-star hotel lost an entire trolley of housekeeping supplies. Perhaps it was the same guest who dissembled the cistern and made off with the flushing mechanism?

Jackie, a housekeeper at a less salubrious hotel in Oklahoma, did a double take when she found seven nude guests in bed fast asleep with all the trappings of a wild night strewn around the room. Do I need to paint you a picture?

Patty, a head housekeeper at a major US chain says from her experience the filthiest thing in a hotel room is probably the ice bucket. Why? “People put all kinds of things in there and they are never cleaned, let alone sanitised.”

Another former staffer from the US Quality Suites group offers this gem: never, ever use the coffee pot.

“I kept a special pen on my cart for extracting used condoms out of the coffee pots. I lifted so many from those pots I couldn’t brew coffee at home without suffering flashbacks. Oh, and someone stole that pen from my cart!”

The holiday may have been great and the hotels better than you could ever imagine. Still, nothing better than home sweet home.

Luke 9:58
And Jesus said unto him, Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.


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