Financial Chaos

indexSeveral stories are emerging in the financial circle that imminent spell trouble. There are hardly any news that present hope for the financial future. Signs of desperation and despair are ubiquitous. Most MSM news are still not reporting the scale of troubles in the horizon as they should. All that MSM are reporting are tabloid news aimed at gossips and illusions. Should we be overly concerned over jittery events sprouting all over, or should we trust our governments and lay back and watch TV?

USA Today – Deutsche Bank CEOs step down under fire

The co-chief executives of embattled German banking giant Deutsche Bank (DB), Anshu Jain and Jürgen Fitschen, are stepping down, the bank announced Sunday.

Germany’s largest bank issued a statement saying its supervisory board “decided at an extraordinary meeting today” to appoint John Cryan, 54, to the position of co-chief executive officer, effective July 1.

The move follows Deutsche Bank’s agreement less than two months ago to pay $2.5 billion to settle charges brought by U.S. and British authorities that it manipulated benchmark interest rates between 2005 and 2009.

Investment Watch – Mass Bank Closures In The Areas Of Jade Helm Starting June 16th (in 9 days)!

Whoa, there are no words! The Bank Of America (among other banks) will be closing in the areas of Jade Helm starting June 16th. This might possibly support Suzanne Posel’s work. Her theory is that they are going to declare a “virus in all the banks” and tell you something like “On Monday you’ll be fine”. She said when they say that, you have 72 hours until martial law. This might just be a drill folks, but the real thing is coming. Get ready!

Many banks in Calexico, CA are shutting down on June 16th. Calexico is in the exact place where the Jade Helm map indicates “hostile” and is labeled “insurgent territory”. Is this due to the military exercise that is to take place during that same date?

WorldTruth.TV -China Poised To DEMAND U.S. LAND As Payment For U.S. Debt

That’s part of an evolving proposal Beijing has been developing quietly since 2009 to convert more than $1 trillion of U.S debt it owns into equity.

Under the plan, China would own U.S. businesses, U.S. infrastructure and U.S. high-value land, all with a U.S. government guarantee against loss.

Yu Qiao, a professor of economics in the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsighua University in Beijing, proposed in 2009 a plan for the U.S. government to guarantee foreign investments in the United States.

WND has reliable information that the Bank of China, China’s central bank, has continued to advance the plan to convert China’s holdings of U.S. debt into equity owned by China in the U.S.

The Obama administration, under the plan, would grant a financial guarantee as an inducement for China to convert U.S. debt into Chinese direct equity investment. China would take ownership of successful U.S. corporations, potentially profitable infrastructure projects and high-value U.S. real estate.

RT News – Russia’s largest bank issues first credit guarantees in yuan

Sberbank has issued its first yuan-denominated letters of credit that involve funding from the Export-Import Bank of China to Russia’s largest pharmaceutical company.

Pharmasyntez, Russia’s leading drug manufacturer, appealed to Sberbank with a request for funding credit guarantees in Chinese national currency as part of contracts for the supply of imported pharmaceutical products worth over 29 million yuan ($4.6 million), Sberbank said in a statement Friday.

King World News – The $60 Trillion Problem And A World That Is Headed For Total Devastation

Even though the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve is now getting paid privately for his economic and market prognostications, he is still unable to identify or acknowledge the monumental bubbles that central banks have engineered. Mr. Bernanke, who was recently interviewed in Korea, tried to assure investors that rate hikes (whenever they begin) would be good news for the U.S. economy.

He was also very “optimistic” there would not be a hard landing in China. And, not surprisingly, the man who is now gainfully employed at the Brookings Institution, Pimco and hedge fund Citadel, is also “encouraged” by Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe’s growth strategy. This is despite the fact that the thrust of Abenomics has been to depreciate the value of the Yen by 35 percent in the past two and a half years. …..

The command and control communist government of China has been on a debt binge since the year 2000. Total credit market debt has soared 28 times (from $1 trillion to $28 trillion) in the past 15 years! And, in response to the worldwide Great Recession of 2007, the government of China put in place policies that quadrupled the total debt outstanding—rising from 160 percent of GDP, to nearly 290 percent today.

There’s just too much to digest in a day. Don’t forget there’s Greece, Ukraine, ISIS …. problems lurking everywhere.

Job 21:13
They spend their days in wealth, and in a moment go down to the grave.


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