Global Diaspora – Then One World

indexMigratory animals move in masses according to seasons. Their innate instincts prompt these animals to move en-bloc during certain periods of the year. Many traversed millions of miles, cross continents and oceans just to find another transient “home” when the seasons change. “The annual wildebeest migration in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the most spectacular wildlife events on the planet.  Sometimes referred to as the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’, The Great Wildebeest Migration is a movement of approximately 1.5 million wildebeest throughout the Serengeti and Masai Mara ecosystems.  400,000 zebra and 200,000 gazelles accompany them along the way, making a total of over 2 million migrating animals!”Africa Odyssey.

Human migration has also taken place throughout the history of mankind. Limited by natural mobility, human migration is usually slower compared to animal migration. When the seasons change and the land becomes less hospitable, ingenuity of humans sustain life during the harsh seasons. They stayed and endured through the seasons. Still, over time, many moved on. Many of the modern nations that exist today are a result of human migration. These include inter alia, the USA, Canada, the South Americas, Australia and New Zealand.

Human migration in recent years has escalated rapidly. In part, this is caused by good transportation. But the main cause may be attributed to several international agreements between governments that allowed new migrants into their lands with minimal restrictions. Wars provided more impetus to displace people. The formation of the EU also facilitated people movements at unprecedented scale.

Today, many nations are feeling the impact of the deluge of migrants. Social and economic problems exacerbated tensions within nations as large numbers of migrants flocked in. Calls are heard everywhere to curb mass migration as indigenous people start to feel being displaced. While protests are popping up more and more, governments seem to turn a deaf ear to migration woes. In fact, many countries are increasing migration citing humanitarian reasons and “free trade” benefits. The latest to join the chorus is Germany’s Angela Merkel. DW reported,

A number of crises have driven people to seek refuge in Germany, prompting backlash from worried citizens. Now Chancellor Merkel is calling on them to welcome the diversity, saying Germany is a “country of immigration.”

Germany received more than 200,000 requests for asylum in 2014, with the country taking in nearly 800,000 migrants. The number is expected to be even more this year.

Speaking to citizens in a conference on the quality of life in Germany on Monday, the Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would like to work for a culture that would be more welcoming towards refugees.

“There is something enriching if someone wants to come to us,” Merkel said at the townhall-style meeting. These people needed to feel at home in Germany and it’s important that they can work, she added.

Merkel also emphasized the need for concrete job offers for refugees from Africa, especially in professions where there was a demand for more skilled workers.

It appears that many of the Western-styled governments are colluding to create an influx of migrants. Actions of these governments are baffling as they are often contrary to the interests of their respective citizenry. If conspiracy theorists have their say, it is about working towards a New World Order. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is another initiative towards this goal, as suggested by Wikipedia,

Wikileaks has published several documents since 2013. A number of global health professionals, internet freedom activists, environmentalists, organised labour, advocacy groups, and elected officials have criticised and protested against the treaty, in large part because of the secrecy of negotiations, the agreement’s expansive scope, and controversial clauses in drafts leaked to the public.

The global diaspora is in full steam and will not cease. It is only works in progress.The tragedy is that there is a nefarious agenda behind all modern day people displacement which is sanctioned by the UN, as experienced by many countries such as Norway (RT News),

Norwegian authorities have revealed that several Middle East refugees set to be granted asylum in Norway under a UN program have links to the Islamic State and Nusra Front extremist groups, media reported on Monday.

Soon the tide may turn as the sovereign states saturated with migrants coalesce to become One World. The Pope may be right about One World government.

Revelation 17:13
These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.


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