A Generation Of Zombies

indexBefore 9-11, air travel was a breeze and a delight. The journey begins at the airport. For those having the opportunity to pass through some of the best airports in the world, the airport experience is already an eye opener and a great experience. Voted the best airport in the world, travellers will no doubt sing praises to the Changi International Airport in Singapore. It is almost a city cum shopping paradise itself.

After 9-11, things deteriorated. The experience of passing through the security of almost any airport plummeted down the chute. The airport experience changed from being enjoyable to being a nightmare. Never has travel been such an awful experience at airports. Many items are barred from being carried on hand carriers. Security checks, body scanners, body searches not only add to delays but at times, extremely embarrassing harassments.

Muslim Woman Claims She Was Discriminated Against on Flight After She Asked for an Unopened Diet

Muslim Woman Claims She Was Discriminated Against on Flight After She Asked for an Unopened Diet

Imagine struggling with your belts as you are instructed to take off belts that kept the pants from slipping off. Umbrellas have to be opened for security checks. Laptops and tablets must be stripped off their casings and scanned separately. A toothpaste can be a made into bomb and not allowed on board as hand carriage. Shoes have to be taken off to the embarrassment of the wearer when foul smell exudes from the feet or when holely socks are unveiled. No longer can duty-free liquids be purchased freely, except through an elaborate process of collection at the last-minute prior to boarding. The list of unpleasant procedures goes on.

It makes one wonder if the human being has lost their ability to think before following some absolutely ridiculous rules. Or are the airports just following instructions emanating from the USA, either under duress or without thought. It might be easier to bar all flights in and out of the USA instead of these pretentious security measures. If the USA is that paranoid, it be isolated itself from the rest of the world.

Things are getting worse. RT reported, “United Airlines is facing a customer backlash after discriminating against a Muslim passenger. Tahera Ahmad was on an internal US flight when she was refused an unopened can of soda. The flight attendant believed she would use it as a weapon.”. The soft drink manufacturers may want to respond to this humiliating experience by the woman passenger. It is true that a can of Coke may contain as much as 8 teaspoons of sugar, enough to kill people in the long-term. But making it into a weapon may be something the public needs to learn. It will be useful for self-defence.

James 2:4
Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of evil thoughts?


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