The Earth is Awakening

tumblr_static_nature___volcanoes___volcano_smokes_041669_Out of a sudden, the earth inner core starts to stir into life. Volcanoes are erupting. On the small southern Japanese island of Kuchinoerabu-jima, the 626-meter Mount Shindake burst into life,  producing a plume over 9 km high and a pyroclastic flow that reached the shoreline, according to the Meteorological Agency of Japan (watch the spectacular eruption here). Th eruption is reminiscent of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima. Is  this a harbinger that we are entering into the age of the apocalyptic end of humanity?

A series of volcanoes had preceded this Japanese eruption. Just prior to this Japanese eruption, the Telica volcano in Nicaragua was shaken by an explosive eruption, ejecting ash cloud 3 km high. A full list of active volcanoes by paints a fiery picture of the convulsing earth.

Nature has a higher dimensional sense of foreboding disasters.  The high frequency and increasing intensity of earthquakes and volcanoes are signs that all is not well. We should be alert and keep our ears close to nature’s distress calls. Even our sun decides to put on a spectacular show. New Yorkers are treated with ‘Manhattanhenge’ – as the sun descends on New York in perfect alignment with city streets.

Is there a sense of imminent catastrophe?

Perhaps we can just focus on one event that may trigger a major world-wide economic convulsion. Greece is on its death-bed, gasping for a last breath. After protracted impasse between Greece and the Troika, “a failure to reach an agreement on Greece’s aid program soon may drive yields on bonds issued by other euro-area countries higher”, the European Central Bank said. However, this is not a big deal according to the IMF Chief Christine Largarde. She told a German newspaper “that a Greek exit from the euro zone was possible but that this would probably not herald the end of the euro currency.” In short, IMF is ready for the Grexit. That’s IMF’s view. The ECB seems to think otherwise, as reported by the Telegraph,

The global asset boom is an accident waiting to happen as the US prepares to tighten monetary policy and the Greek crisis escalates, the European Central Bank has warned.

The ECB’s financial stability report described a “fragile equilibrium” in world markets, with a host of underlying risks and the looming threat of an “abrupt reversal” if anything goes wrong.

Europe’s shadow banking nexus has grown by leaps and bounds since the Lehman crisis and has begun to generate a whole new set of dangers, many of them beyond the oversight of regulators.

IMF or ECB, both doesn’t really matters. A dying patient will die notwithstanding the doctor’s opinion. When Greece heaves the last breath, it will be followed by silence. Then the shrieks of grief follows.

Revelation 12:2
And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.


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