One Office, Two Gyms

indexIt is inevitable that there will be rich and poor in this fallen world (read “One World, Two Lives”). But when the rich sees the poor with disdain and treats them as a disposable breed, the conscience of fallenness has reached its nadir. It becomes a stigma to be associated with the poor. Politically, those living in a “free” world are too afraid to allow this caste system to be overtly expressed. Hence, in USA, it is Wall Street vs Main Street. In Singapore, the political elites demarcate the stratum as Cosmopolitans vs Heartlanders. In India, Brahmins rule over the Dalits. The list goes on. Isn’t it time to stop this hypocritical veiled societal separation and simply call a spade a spade.

The New York Post

The New York Post

Elsewhere in the Philippines and Indonesia, the rich class lives in walled townships under heavy security. In those countries, the justification is security. With huge wealth chasms, the rich are always weary of being robbed or kidnapped for ransoms. That is a fact, so is the massive wealth gap. The rich moves around with armed bodyguards. In South Africa, the anathema of apartheid policies were dismantled following world condemnation.

In the world’s largest democracy, Americans in upmarket Manhattan resort to having separate access for the rich and the poor. reported, “New York City has approved plans for a new luxury high-rise on the Upper West Side of Manhattan that will include a separate entrance for tenants in “affordable” housing, reports the New York Post. Even the conservative Post manages to see the class angle, calling this a plan for a poor door.”

Class stratification has been scorned upon in democratic societies. But that is only expressed as a facade. The rich always see themselves as a class of their own. The sci-fi movie “In Time” portrayed the true desire of the rich in a profound way. Time is the ultimate desired commodity. The rich can live “forever” at the expense of the poor working class. “In Time” is an allegory of the innate desires of the rich. The director of the movie Andrew Niccol captured that quite succinctly in the movie. While Communism is being condemned by those professing “democracy” and capitalism, there is really no difference in any form of “ism”. Fundamentally, sinful man desires to rule over man as their gods, instead of being ruled by God.

In Singapore, class segregation has taken a new meaning and dimension worth of the Guinness Book. According to the Mirror,

Fitness First is building an elite gym at the top of a skyscraper – so that chief executives don’t have to mingle with “lowly staff”.

The gym brand announced the launch of the new £4.7million facility at the top of a skyscraper in Singapore, which will cost a whopping £1,450 to join.

If the new concept is a success, the company hopes to roll the luxury service out in London and Hong Kong.

The new club is on the 38th floor of the CapitaGreen tower and will accept only 999 members.

Fitness First, which is owned by Oaktree Capital and Marathon, said it came up with the new concept because “chief executives do not want to be down there in the gym with a lowly clerk”.

Fitness First must be taking the cue from the Singapore government whose Prime Minister is the highest paid head of state in the world. It sees fit to emulate the successful policies of the government by starting a class segregation business to serve the CEOs who see mingling with the lowly as obnoxious.

James 2:6
But ye have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats?


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