An Elephant Tale

indexIf you tie a baby 200 kg elephant to with a rope and have it anchored to a little stake, the little beast will wander around the stump obediently within the radius of the rope. Time lingered on. Soon the baby elephant grows to a 6000 kg adult. Still, the monster beast roams around the stake, not realising that kicking itself free form the slavery is a piece of cake. This is the power of conditioning.

The same is true for millions of people enslaved by dictatorial rule, especially by the same person or family. So are those who have been mesmerised by state-controlled media that reports distorted facts and often, falsehood. Like the baby elephant, those grown up in such environments of total subservience or have been mind-managed by the media knows not what freedom is. The mind is conditioned after years of being enslaved by a tiny rope. It can no longer free itself from the bondage even though they are free to do so.

In North Korea, the populace is conditioned to sing praises to their great leader. To them, the god-like leader can do no wrong. They weep hysterically when their great leader dies. Many in the free world marveled at such expressions of “grief”, wondering if those were indeed genuine expressions or were simply staged. The answer is probably both.

It is interesting to watch human behaviours that have been conditioned from young. So often, they defy logic. There are many examples of such manifestations, not just in the reclusive North Korea, which is truly an exception. When Prince Charles got married to Diana, the wedding ceremony evoked hysterical emotional outbursts from people who have no relationship to them. Granted it was a grand wedding, but what else is there to cause such manifestations of emotions. When Diana died, people wailed. But millions died everyday, bombed into oblivion for no rhythm or reason. Not a tear is shed.

The recent death of Lee Kuan Yew, longest-serving Prime Minister had all state media blasting the great deeds of Lee over the mourning week. Praises were heaped on him, not a single word of his misdeeds (if he had any?) were mentioned. Just like North Korea, the god-like Lee brought the nation to a standstill during his funeral. People queued for more than 1o hours in rain and shine just to have a chance to file past his body lying in state. Many wept. The scenario is not unlike North Korea, except that Singapore professes to be a democratic country. Also, it has to be acknowledged that Lee did many good things for the nation. The same cannot be said of North Korean leaders. Still, the behaviour of Singapore citizenry is intriguing to watch. A strong hint of the elephant symptom still pervades the society.

The power of psy-op conditioning must not be under-estimated. It is ubiquitous – the TV, Hollywood, school education, religion, the internet, etc. are fighting for a piece of your mind. Thus, even in “free” societies, independent thought is a now rare commodity. The master may be gone, but the rope remains.

Daniel 8:25
And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.


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