The Story of Life

life-deathIn the beginning ….. The Prologue

A new-born baby shrieks as he gasps and sucks in his first breath of life outside the womb. In the maternity room, his parents cried with joy. Cradling the bundle of joy in her hands, his mother returned home. The house is filled with well wishes floral arrangements and congratulatory notes. A new life begins.

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Unknown source

He has to wear diapers.

He has to be spoon fed.

He wobbles and takes the first step.

He goes to play school, then to junior school.

He goes to college.

He starts work.

He gets married, starts a family.

He stopped work and retired.

He wobbles and becomes bedridden.

He has to be spoon fed.

He has to wear diapers.

The old man heaves and expels his last breath on his hospital bed. Standing by his bedside, the family cried with grief. The body was brought back home. The home is filled with wreaths and condolence cards. An expired life ends.

It’s the end ….. The Epilogue

Ecclesiastes 3:2
A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;


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