Want War? Start One

indexEver since Russia torpedoed US’s plans to invade Syria in 2013, relations between US and Russia took a horrific turn. War-mongering shifted from the Middle East to Russia. Russia was being demonised incessantly by US. NATO cronies have no choice but to follow the drumbeat of Obama. Then Ukraine became the next pawn of Western hegemony. Victoria Jane Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs was caught using profanity as US blatantly instigated the Ukrainian uprising against an elected government.

These are reported facts as they played out. Even though MSM may not have given much publicity, there are enough evidences to see the fingers of US dipping into every pie that has Russia portrayed as the demon. Notwithstanding Russia’s annexation of Crimea, there is no indication of Russia’s military hegemony. Crimea’s annexation was a result of US usurping the government in Ukraine. Had that event not happened, Russia may not have exercised military powers to hold on to its strategic interests. The sad news is that it is getting worse as military conflict involving Russia and US seems inevitable.

Russia has reacted with manifold military exercises and show of power since, and is not letting up. The more US exerts pressure, economically and militarily, the more Russia is going to retaliate. Sputnik International reported that Russia has completely withdrawn from the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty. Who can blame Russia for taking such retaliatory actions?

While Germany and France appear to exercise more restraints and are in a more conciliatory mode, US continues with more attacks. The Pentagon announced about 3,000 U.S. soldiers from the Georgia-based 3rd Infantry Division will deploy to Eastern Europe beginning next week, to conduct training exercises with forces from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Jean-Claude Juncker called for a European army to be set up

Jean-Claude Juncker called for a European army to be set up

Germany and France, NATO’s Duet (UK is left out of this), mediated and brokered the Minsk 2 agreement with Ukraine, seemingly to US chagrin. The Duet is now caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Without clear support from the Big2, a new US strategy takes another turn to in a bid to circumvent the Duet’s reluctance to bow down to US demands.

Within the walls of EU’s war room, the echoes of Nuland must be reverberating with “Damned Merkel and Hollandse if they don’t toe the line”.  The US has a backup plan in the person of  Jean-Claude Juncker. Who cares about what the Duet wants anyway. Brussels’ top bureaucrat took over command. Juncker wasted no time to call for a European army to be set up as part of a common foreign and security policy. Britain’s Nigel Farage immediately attacked the idea of an EU army to counter Russia, noting that “the notion of building up an EU army to counter Russia was the brainchild of European Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker.”

The world’s financial and political mess is plain tiring. If war is what western powers want, perhaps, it is time to start one and stop the can kicking and prolong the world’s agony. God is sighing too.

Genesis 6:3
And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man ….


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