Time for Change

imagesChange – everyone in this world wants change. What is happening? If we are living in modern-day renaissance, why is this tsunami of people wanting change. Six years ago, Obama was campaigning the presidency solely on one big word “CHANGE”. For USA, change it got. Based on track records, the change was not for the better. Pre-election, Obama wants to reign in the greed of banksters on Wall Street. Post-election, he changed. His policies reflect a president who is now in the pockets of the banksters. 

Is change necessarily good for Main Street? Ideally, that must be so because economy and morality all over the world are heading towards the abyss. People are just tired. Change is needed. The irony is that those promising to change the status quo are more likely to be changed by the power and might of money men – corporatocracy. These are the real government, not the elected leaders. Money will change people. When money talks, nothing changes for the better. History has an impeccable record that this will be so. Those who resist the powers of darkness and not join the club may not last very long in the position of power or worst still, will not even remain in this world.

Greece has recently elected a young and gung-ho government who promised change. They promised to unshackle Greece from the bondages of the money men. Will they continue to pursue this path and clash head long with the power of money? More likely, they will lose steam shortly and become like the pigs in Animal Farm (George Orwell’s novel). Soon, they become indistinguishable from the previous masters. Already, the Belgian central bank chief thinks that Greece will concede defeat fighting the EU banksters. He said that “I do not believe there is a radically different way, Syriza has made promises it can not keep, and the Greek people ‘will understand quickly that they were deceived by false promises.'” The Greek show is still showing.

30,000+ Israelis attend "Israel Wants Change" rally in Tel Aviv.  (RT News)

30,000+ Israelis attend “Israel Wants Change” rally in Tel Aviv. (RT News)

Now, look at Israel, Hong Kong and Singapore, countries that are quite similar geo-politically.  The same playbook is being enacted. Meir Dagan, the former Mossad director lashed out at the government’s incompetency:

I am frightened by our leadership. I am afraid because of the lack of vision and a loss of direction. I am frightened by the hesitation and the stagnation [of Israel’s government]. And I am frightened, above all else, from a crisis in leadership. …

Our health system is collapsing. The housing crisis has reached new heights. The socioeconomic gaps continue to widen. The distance between the poor, rural areas and the Center has never been greater. One of every three Israeli children is poor. Forty percent of Israelis can’t make ends meet.

The story is the same in Singapore and Hong Kong’s umbrella revolution. Elected leaders got subsumed into the dark powers of greed and covetousness and no longer see public interest as their supreme duty. Eventually, the people become disillusioned and lose hope. The tinder of another quest for CHANGE is being prepared for ignition. Listen, “Do you hear the people sing” (listen to the Les Miserables song here).

John 21:16
He saith to him again the second time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my sheep.


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