Pro-Life, Pro-Law

imagesIn 10 days time, 8 people, charged for drug dealing in Indonesia are to be sent to the gallows. The decision, at the moment seems final. There will be no more appeal. Several acrimonious diplomatic efforts by Australia to seek clemency for 2 Australians were not successful.  To make matters worse, the typically uncouth remarks by the Australian premier pertaining to Australian aid to Indonesia created another backlash. Indonesians felt slighted and retorted by collecting money to “repay” the $1 billion aid Australia gave for the Aceh tsunami victims.

Some liberal thinking people abhor the death sentence. The thought of killing someone who is guilty of some crime disturbs extreme pro-life people. No matter how hideous a crime may have been, taking “an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth” simply does not seem humane. So it seems, until someone dear to you has been mutilated and destroyed right in your sight. Until then, that “humane” view may evaporate away. Again some will argue that we must forgive. And forgive we must.

Take a look at some remarks regarding eight drug smugglers on death row, as reported by

Mr Abbott said millions of Australians were sickened by the developments.

The Prime Minister said Indonesia’s continued push for the death penalty for the Bali Nine duo seemed beneath the country.

“We abhor drug crime but we also abhor the death penalty,” Mr Abbott told ABC radio.

“The Australian government will never rest in our determination to let Indonesia know that we oppose the death penalty.”



What do you think? Australia has a serious drug problem and many young lives have been ruined by drugs. It is the Australians who flocked to the beaches of Indonesia to have binge parties, drugs and sexual escapades. Yet, Australians think highly of themselves and belittled the poor neighbour. Who really has the high moral ground to question Indonesia’s actions. Australians know that drug dealing is an offence punishable by death.

On the surface, both proponents of the death penalty and the genteel forgiving opponents have strong reasons to support their intransigent views. It is sad to see someone being sent to death row. It is more heart-breaking to see young innocent lives being destroyed by drug peddlers. Surely, victims of drugs must forgive drug pushers. They must also forgive themselves for being lured into sin. Forgiveness is mandatory and is prerequisite for the salvation of the soul.

The death penalty is cruel. But it is there for the preservation of society against moral decadence. It is not destructive, but serves to mitigate greater destruction of lives. To that, it is good and serves a legitimate purpose. For those who still do not advocate death penalty, their eyes are clouded by a fundamental blind spot. All man must die. The only question is when and how. The next question pertains to death’s finality. This is their blind spot. Death is not final.

If there is resurrection, death has no meaning as it is not the end but the beginning. For those on death row, seek forgiveness from those you have destroyed. Do not seek to prolong life if there is no repentance because more lives will be destroyed. With repentance and forgiveness, there is no need to fear death. It is what is ahead that matters.

Life is sacred. We should be pro-life. Pro-life mandates pro-law. Without law, there will be lawlessness. The consequence is no life.

1 Samuel 2:6
The Lord killeth, and maketh alive: he bringeth down to the grave, and bringeth up.


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