Broke, But Buy Arms

warIf the world stops spending money on killing machines, the amount of money saved is staggering. According to, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the world spends circa US$1.7 trillion every year on defence. The top three are USA, China and Russia, each spending US$640, US$188, and US$87 billions respectively in the year 2013. Ironically, these are the countries that are not enjoying “peace”. Tensions are at all-time high. Those small nations that do not even make it to the high spender list probably enjoy more peace. We don’t even hear of them as the are left to themselves, free for the military hegemony of these “rich” nations.

So why is it that nations after nations dig deep into their pockets to arm themselves to the teeth while people are left starving? Is this what “peace” is all about. Why are we afraid, and what are we afraid of? The earliest recorded murder case goes as far back as the first generation man. Cain murdered Abel. There was no reasonable grounds for Cain to kill his brother Abel. But he did, because he was envious and jealous. Not that Abel did anything evil to Cain. The story today is the same. People kill because of envy and jealousy. Not because someone wants to do harm to you. Those engaging in military hegemony are the culprits who pretend to preserve peace, but are in fact the destroyers of peace simply because they covet.

Taipei Times reported: “Taiwan’s military strength ranks 15th in the world and ninth in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of conventional war-making capability across land, sea and air, according to a survey conducted by military Web site Global Firepower. … Taiwan outranks Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore in the Asia-Pacific region, while falling behind China, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Indonesia and Australia, the survey shows.” Taiwan is a relatively small country with 23 million people and has a defence budget of about US$10 billion for 2015.

Another comparable nation in terms of nominal defence budget (US$9.7 billion) is Singapore. Singapore has 5.5 million people of which only 3 million are citizens. Putting the two countries side by side shows a glaring deviation in terms of defence expenses and capabilities (source

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How is it that Taiwan is rated better than Singapore when it spends only as much as Singapore but has a much larger population and superior arsenal? Is Taiwan more efficient than Singapore, or has Singapore’s defence expenses been unwisely spent? Someone needs to get into the rabbit hole to see what’s amiss.

Habakkuk 2:9
Woe to him that coveteth an evil covetousness to his house, that he may set his nest on high, that he may be delivered from the power of evil!


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