A Peaceful Religion

obama-1.siSince 9-11, the “war on terror” became the daily mantra for the Washington mafia. The blame for the 9-11 carnage was solely thrown upon the purported perpetrators whom Washington claimed were Muslim terrorists headed by Osama bin Laden. Al Qaeda became the star of the day, taking every blame for terrorist acts. Muslim related terrors continue to expand into Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria. All the uprisings and civil unrests can be traced to the fingerprints left behind by Washington. It was the most successful MSM bliz originated from the White House. Whether 9-11 was a Muslim terror event or an inside job is still a question mark as evidences surrounding the attack cast much doubt in the Washington story.

The terrors have since been exported to most of the Western societies. ISIS replaced Al Qaeda as the new terror gang. The atrocities committed by ISIS are simply disgusting. There is no reason to assist them in publicising their fear-mongering videos which were professionally produced. Suffice to state that ISIS have committed hideous crimes. Elsewhere, Australia had the Lindz Cafe hostage saga. A Muslim sympathiser, so it seems committed the crime. Australia has just arrested another two Muslim terror suspects in a pre-crime raid. That was soon followed up with the French attack on the Charlie Hepdo cartoonists. Copenhagen became the next target. Attackers were again traced to Muslim origins. Where will this lead to?

Obama surprisingly came forth with a strong statement defending Islam. He proclaimed that the insinuation that the West is conducting a war against Islam is an “ugly lie”. On one hand, it is unfair to blame Islam as a whole for the acts of “a few” terrorists who happened to come from the Muslim faith. On that count, Obama may be forgiven. Religion and politics are convenient bogeyman for crime seekers. It is easy to say that a crime is committed for the sake of some nationalistic interests as were often done by Washington. Iraq was decimated by the White House for no valid reason other than political. In fact, the invasion of Iraq was done based on a fabricated lie from Washington. Throughout history, wars were raged in defence of religions.



However, Obama’s assurance to “Muslims at home and abroad that the U.S. isn’t at war with their faith, arguing that Islam has been corrupted and twisted by terrorist groups for recruiting and propaganda purposes.” deserves more scrutiny. Obama’s personal view is that “Islam is a religion that preaches peace.” Granted that Obama had some education in Islam while in Indonesia during his early years, he is probably not a scholar on Islam to make such as statement. Terrorists had invariably cited as Islam as the reason for their acts. They are never apologetic about their acts against humanity.

Many articles have cited the Quran’s teaching regarding acts of killing innocents. The Quran is available in various languages for anyone to study and make their own conclusions (read Quranic Contradictions and Quranic Verses to Mull Over). In all fairness, Obama should not pronounced a personal opinion regarding Islam and publicly projecting his view as a sacrosanct truth. Obama can adopt a neutral stance and let believers make their own decisions pertaining to their faith. History and Quranic teachings offer better basis for determining what Islam stands for. God has given all man a will to choose freely. Some like Katy Perry chose to “sell her soul to the devil”. Others do it for the embrace of 72 virgins on the other side of life. Whatever the reasons may be, be careful to choose wisely and be on the right side for there is judgment for evil, whether you believe it or not.

Acts 22:28
And the chief captain answered, With a great sum obtainedI this freedom. And Paul said, But I wasfree born.


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