The Moscow Troika

imagesThe supernova heat is exploding in Europe. Two relatively small economies provided tinder for a potential cosmic explosion to be unleashed in Europe. The Greeks are holding the matches ready to ignite a financial bomb capable of blowing EU apart. Ukraine holds the fuse for military conflict that will drag the superpowers into a deadly World War 3. Leaders in Europe must be shaking in their pants wondering which fuse will ignite first. Planes carrying powerful heads of states are crisscrossing Europe in a flurry of activities hoping to find solutions for the flagging economies and to avert a  military conflict from blowing into a full conflagration.

Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande closeted with Poroshenko for a few moments before hurrying to Moscow to meet pariah Russian leader Putin. Nothing has yet emerged from the 5-hour meeting of the Russian troika. Going by the reticence, all is not well. The official statement says that the troika is working on the draft of a likely joint document for the implementation of the Minsk Accords to be presented to all parties to the conflict for approval. Realistically, the meeting ended with an impasse.

If we don’t find not just a compromise but a lasting peace agreement, we know perfectly well what the scenario will be. It has a name, it’s called war,” Hollande told journalists in the city of Tulle in central France, according to Reuters.

Merkel is equally not that sanguine about the whole Ukraine episode. “The Ukrainian crisis cannot be resolved militarily,” she said. “I understand the debate [on weapons supplies] but I believe that more weapons will not lead to the progress Ukraine needs. I really doubt that.” According to Reuters, she added, “After the talks yesterday in Moscow that the French president and I had, it is uncertain if it will succeed. But it is my view and the French president’s view [that it’s] definitely worth trying. We owe it to the people affected in Ukraine, at the very least.” Now that the talks are over, Merkel is hurrying off to Washington to report to her American boss.

The troika’s meeting was apparently without Washington’s blessings. The war-mongering rhetoric continued unabated while the “peace” effort was going on. Biden and McCain raised the war rhetoric with more support for Poroshenko who was seen waving a few Russian passports as “proof” that Russians were fighting in Ukraine. How puerile (remember the passports of the 911 terrorists were found intact when everything near the World Trade centre were turned into ashes). NATO’s commander in chief says the West should not rule out arming Ukraine, singing the same tune as Secretary of State John Kerry. Germany and France are not in favour of wars, but that does not seem to have dove-tailed the desires of EU’s American boss.

With these rising tensions, is World War III in the horizon? A powerful explosion just took place at Donetsk at 10:50pm local time on 8 February. The explosion resembled a nuclear like mushroom cloud as it lit up the night sky. It is getting uglier.

Revelation 7:2
And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea,


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