Pope’s Fratricide

pope-francis-war-ukraine.siIf you believe in universal brotherhood, that all men and women are brothers and sisters, then killing anyone is fratricide. It does not matter what race or religion one subscribes too. Otherwise, mass killings would likely fall into the category of genocide. We are losing count of the number of innocent lives being terminated by the madness conflicts of race, religion and military hegemony by powerful nations. Killing fields are ubiquitous in the Middle East (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Afghanistan, Israel/Gaza (coincidentally where US has military presence) and Africa (Boko Haram, Egypt, Angola, Sudan, Somalia). It has extended into Europe currently confined primarily to Ukraine. But the worrying signs are that the bloodshed may spread. There are no signs of disengagement in these areas of conflicts. All signs point to an escalation of conflicts that may engulf the world. 

RT NewsPope: Stop fratricide violence in Ukraine, stop pushing for ‘victory’

Pope Francis has called on the parties to the Ukrainian civil war to stop the violence between Christians and seek a compromise path towards peace.

“Let us pray to the Lord so that this horrible fratricide violence may cease as soon as possible,” the head of the Roman Catholic Church said speaking at the end of the weekly General Audience.

Speaking off-the-cuff, Pope Francis said that when he hears the words ‘victory’ or ‘defeat’ he feels great pain, great sadness in his heart, the Vatican news service reported.

“They are not the right words. The only right word is peace. This is the only right word.” he explained.

“I think of you, Ukrainian brothers and sisters, this is a war between Christians,” the pontiff added.

With so much blood-letting in the Middle East and Africa, why did the Pope suddenly sprang a surprise in calling for a stop to fratricide in Ukraine?  He claimed that the killings are between groups of Christians. If that is true, then he may be right to call this fratricide. But is that the case? Going by reports in the media, the civil war in Ukraine is not, and has not been between Christian “brothers”. Clearly, it is genocide. It has nothing to do with Christian disputes. It was Yulia Tymoshenko who threatened to nuke 8 million Russians in  Ukrainian.

The Pope is totally in gross error. Rather, he may just want to play Mr Nice Guy by avoiding using the term genocide in Ukraine.  The Ukraine war is not between Christian factions. The Ukraine war has everything to do with political power and control between Russian speaking people in the East and the Western-backed politicians in Kiev. It is clearly a proxy war between NATO-backed (aka EU and USA) politicians and Russia. NATO wants Ukraine under its wings. Russia would not want a military threat at its doorsteps. Who would? Would USA want another Russian presence in Cuba as her friendly neighbour? With all his advisors around him, the venerable Pope could not have been so wrong in calling a fratricide in Ukraine.

Once again, the Pope is shouting himself hoarse calling for “peace”. Nobody wants war. It is ironic to hear him shouting “peace, peace” all over the world. While the Pope’s call may sound earnest and genuine, the truth is that he is just playing the music people want to hear. As much a s humanity desires peace, there will not be peace. The world has fallen, and descending into the abyss rapidly. The call for world peace is a red herring. The Pope should be shouting “repent, repent” instead of “peace, peace”. But do not worry. You can rest in the peace of God amidst turmoil. That is the difference.

Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.


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