Criminal Aid

index“Help thy homeless and poor neighbour”. That was a fundamental moral code taught in the generation past. Today, moral decay has reached its nadir. No longer is helping the poor and defenceless a worthy cause. It is now a crime. “Jail thy homeless and poor neighbour” is the new way of life. At the other extreme of the human hierarchy of wealth lies the invincibles. The mighty banksters are “too great to be jailed” even when crimes are committed. They are above the law. If there is indeed a bona fide criminal conviction against such people, monetary compensation will do the trick. A few billions here and there grease the political and judicial platforms for anything to skid through the courts of injustice in the form of fines. If the bank’s kitty is empty, a shriek for help will see politicians scampering to cream off public funds for the dying bank. It is for our own good, we were told. For without the banks, the world will freeze to death.

RT NewsJail for helping homeless? Norway MPs want to criminalize both begging and aiding

Norwegian lawmakers are working on a bill to introduce a national ban on begging in the streets and even want to extend it by proposing jail for helping the homeless with money, food or shelter.

According to the draft of the law, begging in the streets will be punishable with fines and even imprisonment for up to one year. This was the original plan when the draft first emerged in June.

After further amendments, the same punishment may now hold true for those who give beggars money or offer any help, local media report. The bill was sent for more consultations until February, 15.

Why are there poor and homeless people in the wealthiest nations on earth? Don’t the rich feel sympathy and compassion for the homeless and hungry? Even if they don’t, why aren’t governments doing anything to alleviate the misery of the people that they are supposed to defend and protect? Governments are broke. Then why are they spending more money on wars and giving insolvent banks? The amount of money spent in these are mind-boggling. A fraction of these funds will be enough to house, educate and help the under-privileged to get on with life.

The tragedy today is that instead of helping the homeless and poor, those who slipped through the gaps are now treated as pariahs to be put in detention camps out of the view of the wealthy. Worst still, those wanting to help are now considered to be abetting in crimes. Is this a civilised society or is this terrorism of the highest order. Terrorism and tyranny against defenceless people as well as civility.

Matthew 25:36
Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.