$5000 Ticket to Hell

indexSB*NationWe’re hours away from the game getting underway, but Super Bowl 49 is already breaking records — it’s now officially the most expensive Super Bowl ever when it comes to ticket prices.

Super Bowl 49 ticket prices are officially the most expensive ever, according to Darren Rovell of ESPN. The average price of a ticket on the second-hand market was $4,600 and $4,131, according to the top resale sites StubHub and NFL Ticket Exchange, respectively.

As noted in the report, it was difficult to get a ticket for any less than $4,500 around Thursday, and tickets on Saturday were in the $7,000 range. Usually, as the game gets closer, the ticket prices fluctuate but there are usually points in which you’re able to take advantage of the price dropping. This year, that didn’t happen, and brokers had to either take a loss on the tickets they’ve already promised to customers, or offering refunds.

Why would anyone pay $5000 for a show? The $5000 not only buys you a place in the show, but a boost to your adrenalin from threats of terrorism.  Audience will also be given a free treat of how a massive military deployment feels like, as heavily armed military and security personnel swamped the venue. This additional side-show is fully funded by taxpayers.

For the filthy wealthy ones, nothing is too expensive. $5000 is small pocket change. But are those paying insane prices for a ticket to the super bowl super-rich? There will be some, but it is likely that many are from Main Street struggling to meet ends meet, yet willing to part with $5000. These are the ones belonging to the 62% living from paycheck to paycheck. Super bowl evokes the pervasive schizophrenic behaviour of many Americans. Black Friday throngs and the queues that formed before a new iPhone’s launch are sufficient prima facie evidences to indict these zombied people as sufferers of mass psychotic disorder. How else would you describe such intoxicated madness that consumes Americans?

Zombies – It is hard to find another more appropriate word to describe Americans today. The term zombies cannot fully describe them. Psycho-schizophrenic zombies may be a slight improvement. America terrifies the world with intimidating military interventions. Where military might is not appropriate, pornography and Hollywood’s filth are the de facto mode for subtle invasion of the mind. This is the America in 2015. The Economic Collapse listed [1] [2] [3] many disturbing trends, symptoms and statistics in America, some of which are extracted and listed below:

  • According to the government’s own numbers, about 20 percent of the families in the entire country do not have a single member that is employed at this point.
  • This may sound crazy, but 25 percent of all American adults do not even have a single penny saved up for retirement.
  • As I noted in one recent article, total consumer credit in the United States has increased by 22 percent over the past three years, and 56 percent of all Americans have “subprime credit” at this point.
  • Major retailers are shutting down stores at the fastest pace that we have seen since the collapse of Lehman Brothers.
  • It is hard to believe, but more than one out of every five children in the United States is living in poverty in 2014.
  • According to one recent report, there are 49 million Americans that are dealing with food insecurity right now.
  • According to shocking new research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately two-thirds of all Americans in the 15 to 24 year old age bracket have engaged in oral sex.
  • Last year it was reported that 86 teen girls at one high school in Memphis, Tennessee were either pregnant or had recently given birth.
  • Sex trafficking has become a raging epidemic in America.  It is estimated that there are now approximately a million prostitutes in the United States.  Most of them are being trafficked by male “pimps”.
  • Overall, more than 50 million abortions have been performed in the United States since Roe vs. Wade was decided back in 1973.  At this point, the number of babies killed by abortion in America every year is almost as high as the total number of military deaths in all of U.S. history.

The lists are exceptionally long. For those with patience, follow the links to The Economic Collapse website. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, sums America’s state of health, “In effect, America is both blind and deaf. It lives in delusions. Consequently, it will destroy itself and perhaps the world.

Romans 12:2
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.


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