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indexIf you are a typical man and woman on the streets, who cares about your hairstyles and attire you wear. But if you belong to another class that may be quite different. Celebrities and royalties are often scrutinised for their outlandish outfits, eating habits, and every tiny details of their lives. That’s what mass media and tabloids thrive on. Without these petty news, they got nothing more to say nor contribute to society.

Obama’s visit to Saudi with Michelle got all the headlines exploding with excitement. They were all about her dressing and that she shook hands with the Saudi royalty. She wore pants. She had no headgear on. She shook hands with the king. Great news indeed. Someone would have commented that this first lady should not be wearing pants in a society that frowns on women dressing like man.

These are some reports coming out of the mass media:


CNN: First lady Michelle Obama shakes hands with Saudi king. So?

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama made a quick stop in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday to pay respects to the late King Abdullah, and to hold meetings with the new leader, King Salman bin Abdulaziz. But one aspect of the encounter stood out to reporters covering the receiving line at the palace: the first lady shook hands with the king.

Islamic law generally forbids men from touching women to whom they are not related. However, that rule is often times overlooked when official diplomatic delegations visit the kingdom.

The Guardian: Everyone calm down: Michelle Obama’s Saudi outfit was plenty respectful

Yes, Michelle Obama wore her hair uncovered during an official visit to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday. And yes, some people on the internet found this inappropriate. But no, dear sweet internet, no, she is neither the first female US official nor the first western official to bare her hair in the kingdom.

Michelle Obama landed in Riyadh wearing a pair of loose-fitting trousers and a loose-fitting blouse, topped with a long-sleeved jacket that hit right at the knee. Despite her jacket’s bright hues, the outfit was respectful and modest, with nary a collarbone in sight – seemingly appropriate attire in which to pay respects to the deceased monarch of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah.

The Washington Post: Michelle Obama forgoes a headscarf and sparks a backlash in Saudi Arabia

Barack Obama was in Riyadh on Tuesday to pay his respects to the late Saudi King Abdullah. His visit, for which he cut short a much-hyped trip to India, underscores how important the U.S.-Saudi relationship remains to the American leadership. On social media, however, much of the attention has focused on something else: His wife’s attire.

As noted by the Associated Press, Michelle Obama did not wear a headscarf or veil Tuesday. In Saudi Arabia, that’s unusual: The country is one of the few on Earth where women are expected to cover their heads, and many Saudi women wear niqabs.

What did not appear on headlines is the motive of the visit. The previous Saudi monarch had barely had his body lowered into his grave and this huge entourage of US big guns is rushing to pay tribute to the new king. The entourage includes prominent Republican officials, including former Secretaries of State James Baker and Condoleezza Rice. This is not a casual, “by-the-way” visit. What’s the big deal and why this “urgency”. Make your own guess. It could be about oil. Or is it about Russia’s sanctions and oil. What about some secret deals about Middle East security. Don’t get distracted by Michelle, there is something bigger.

Nehemiah 4:8
And conspired all of them together to come and to fight against Jerusalem, and to hinder it.


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