Parisan Solidarity

_80198533_cafc55ca-47c5-4442-acb5-0bff2eb01a94CNBCMore than 3.7 million people marched in the streets of Paris and across France on Sunday in a defiant display of unity against terrorism and racism, after the deadliest attacks on French soil in more than half a century struck the nation at its core.

The dense and determined crowd flooded Paris’s Place de la Republique to pay tribute to the 17 victims murdered in attacks over three days last week by Islamist extremists targeting French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, police forces and a Jewish supermarket. More than 50 foreign leaders from Europe, the Middle East and Africa linked arms around President François Hollande at the start the march.

“Paris is today the capital of the world,” Mr Hollande said. “France is going to rise to its best.”

Killing innocent people is criminal and tragic. Recently, 3 people were killed during a siege at Lindt Cafe in Sydney. One of the victims has now been confirmed to have been killed by police “stray” fire. Then there was the expected public outcry over the sad event. In the Paris incident, 17 people died. This tragedy attracted more than 50 leaders from all over the world to Paris to show “solidarity” for the fight for freedom and free speech. It does sound ironic to have this large numbers of leaders flocking to Paris. Was there an official “invitation” for foreign leaders to this event or was it just a spontaneous response from world leaders? There are more killings and murders in conflicts in the Middle East, Africa and Ukraine still going on. These have not attracted such international “show of solidarity” to curb these atrocities.

The terror, unrest and disturbances created by Islamists in this topsy-turvy convoluted world is rather unsettling. It is understandable that Islam is under scrutiny under these circumstances. History had shown also that it is easy to use religion as the bogeyman for conducting atrocities. Using religion, there is none to blame but god himself. Catholicism was used as a political organ by the Roman emperors to subdue people and further their own agenda. The same can be said for Islam, Buddhism and other major religions. All have become assets to further political causes.

France’s President François Hollande spoke about the tragic incident, which is his rightful duty to do so. He said “these terrorists, these illumine, these fanatics, have nothing to do with Muslims” (note: the translation from French is according to the video: French president says on national TV that the Illuminati is attacking Paris). He is not entirely wrong not to blame Muslims in a blanket placement of responsibility. Branding the killers as terrorists and fanatics is apt too. Interestingly, in his speech in French, he included the “illumine” as a party to the murders. Who is this “illumine” is he referring to? Is it a reference to the covert Illuminati?

If the Illuminati is indeed his intended reference, albeit subtly, then the photo taken by CNBC showing the public march in Paris confirms involvement by this covert group. This is no longer subtle. The classic “one-eye” Illuminati symbol is in full public display. Still, all these are mere “conspiracy” conjectures. Some people do read too much into the devil’s hand in everything that happens.

Numbers 35:30
Whoso killeth any person, the murderer shall be put to death by the mouth of witnesses: but one witness shall not testify against any person to cause him to die.


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