Rich and Mighty

1420624946830This world was never made to be fair. Some are born with silver spoons, others with not a  single spoon. Beneath the skin of every man, the same flesh and blood is all that there is. Why is it then that there is such a great divide in the lives of man? The quest for a more equal society has evaded humanity since man first roam the earth. Ideologies and vain philosophies are only temporal balms to the searching soul. None has succeeded in achieving a state that can satisfy every man. Is there no answer to this enigma?

In the classic satirical novel “Animal Farm”, George Orwell succinctly illustrated the futile cycle of social evolution from slavery to “freedom” in the lives of the animals with dexterity (read also “Animal Farm Redux“). All societies, whether Communist, Capitalist or anything in between, manifest the same symptoms of man’s weaknesses. All will succumb to the innate sinful nature of man. Just like death, none can escape the slavery of sin. Man can try to be good. How good can man be? Can goodness overcome sin? Pope Francis is wrong to suggest that “goodness” is a path to the righteousness of God. francisgodAny parent would have noticed how that precious lovable baby morphs into a little “devil” once his mental faculty starts to develop. Certainly, those “bad” traits are not taught intentionally by good parents. Yet they creep in surreptitiously as parents get flabbergasted trying to teach the toddler how to be good. Despite all the best parenting effort, the attempt to inculcate goodness is in vain. That does not mean failure of parenthood. It only confirms the futility to stop sinful nature from developing. At best, good behaviours can be nourished while the bad ones mitigated. But total eradication is impossible.

The recent “nut rage” case involving the obnoxious behaviour of the daughter of the chairman of Korean Air Lines make good gossip. reported the story:

South Korean prosecutors charged the daughter of the chairman of Korean Air Lines on Wednesday for delaying a flight following an outburst over the way she was served nuts, in a case that stirred public outrage and ridicule.

Heather Cho, a former executive of the airline and head of in-flight service before she resigned, had demanded the chief steward be removed from the flight at John F. Kennedy airport in New York after another flight attendant in first class served her macadamia nuts in a bag, not on a dish.

Heather is just a rich poor girl who has not grown up. She may have been singled for ridicule but such behaviours by the rich and famous are ubiquitous. Hopefully, the publicity is sufficient to tame her into a “better” person. The reverse may also result if she starts to vent her anger without repentance. Whichever path she takes, it is her volition. She has a choice that only she is capable of making.

So while the world looks so unfair, one thing is fair. Every man, rich or poor, free or incarcerated, has a choice that is wholly his – the choice to decide his eternal destiny.

Mark 10:18
And Jesus said unto him, Whycallest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.


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