2015 in One Picture

Pied_Piper2If a picture paints a thousand words, then the latest front cover of The Economist says it all for 2015 predictions. Recall the 1988 Economist front page featuring “The Phoenix Gold Coin“, then connect the dots to this front cover imagery, a surreptitious message emerges. The 1988 Economist envisaged economic collapse and the emergence of the New World Currency by 2018. Come 2015 and once again The Economist speaks of impending doom and gloom. Should we be “reading in between the lines”? That depends on which dictum you subscribe to: “seeing is believing” or “believing is seeing”. The former is carnal instinct while the latter hinges on faith in the unseen. Either case, this picture is worthy of further exploration..

If there is intent to project subliminal messages in his awesome picture, it has done a marvelous job. The cartoonist who drew this picture must be a futurist with prophetic insights. Otherwise, someone else must have provided the insights which are very well visualised by the cartoonist in his artwork. 2015 is summed up in one single picture.

Listed are some probable inferences extracted from it. These may be mere conjecture of an inquisitive mind. Let the reader makes his own judgment.

  • The world leaders featured on the front line for 2015 who are the main players of geopolitics.
  • The almighty Chinese panda is ready to rule.
  • The world is centred in Asia, ready to be kicked into its goal posts.
  • The world is divided in two faces faces, one of anger and the other indignation.
  • There is a nuclear war.
  • People are being hypnotised and are led like herds by Pied Piper.
  • Panic in the Federal Reserve, with China partially hidden in a link to the Fed.
  • Merkel making a hand gesture of an Illuminati triangle and the all-seeing eye.
  • White gloves symbol of the Freemasons.
  • Victorious signs by terrorists in the background.
  • Tiny city-state Singapore and Japan are acting in the background of world events.
  • Your piggy-bank is gone!
  • Two significant dates to note: 11/3 and 11/5
  • Uncle Sam’s drumming will be no more.
  • A ghost “bank” holiday?
  • A world under surveillance.
  • The Cheshire cat is grinning at the world’s calamity.
  • Your egg nest is slipping down the cliff from the wings of the eagle (USA).
  • The magical and occult powers of David Blaine rules with the world leaders.
  • If you are a tortoise with head in the shell and slow to act, get ready to shudder.

If The Economist is right, the ride ahead will be bumpy.

Revelation 22:10
Then he told me, “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this scroll, because the time is near.


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