Weekender: MUV-e Folding Scooter

The MUV-e folds up into a suitcase-sized trolley in around 3 seconds

The three-wheeled electric scooter has been designed to automatically fold up into a suitcase-sized trolley in around 3 seconds for roll-along, between ride transport. The new MUV-e tips the scales at 14 – 18 kg, depending on the version chosen, and features an aluminum and carbon fiber chassis, with carbon fiber covers. A cradle for a smartphone has also been included, where the ubiquitous mobile device can be used as a navigation aid and, with the help of a companion app, act as a speedometer, odometer and electrometer.

The developers have increased the range of a fully-charged MUV-e to 30 km (19 miles), depending on riding style and battery size (the vehicle will be available in 8 or 16 Ah Li-ion battery configurations). There are two 12.5-inch alloy wheels to the front and a 10-inch wheel and a 140 mm disc brake at the back, and its two-speed, 36 V brushless hub motor is reported capable of powering the personal mobility machine to a peak speed of 32 km/h (20 mph).