One Way Trip to Heaven

IRAQ-UNREST-TIKRITNew Straits TimesMalaysians heading for Syria and Iraq to fight with the Islamic State have been taking out bank loans to fund their journey and life there.

Sources from Bukit Aman told the New Straits Times that investigation papers on at least five Malaysian fighters, who were stopped from going over, showed that they had not only disposed of most of their properties, but had also applied for loans, some up to more than RM100,000.

It’s a one way ticket to “heaven” where 72 virgins are waiting patiently to welcome you. Looking at the sad state of affairs in this world of wantonness and chaos, the decision to take this one way trip of no return does not seem too difficult to make. The push factor is potent, but the pull factor of “boundless pleasures in heaven” is even more appealing. What are we mortal man waiting for in this forsaken world? If heaven is so good for those willing to commit suicide and kill innocent people, only fools and idiots will not jump at the opportunity. Some Malaysians have warmed up to this idea and have disposed of their possessions and are even smart enough to take loans for which they know will never get paid back. They then head for the suicidal mission.

Are these people mad or just deranged psychopaths? Arguably, some will say that it depends on your standpoint. There are agnostics, atheists, spiritualists and religious adherents, each having either absolutely no moral standards to abide by or strict adherence to principles and dogma.  The moral yardstick to measure such a behaviour and make a judgment is therefore elusive? Even if a moral standard does exist, it becomes irrelevant if a person does not believe in its existence.

The average “moral person” is likely to judge such people volunteering for martyrdom in the Middle East conflict as acting in error. To murder and kill innocent people even at the expense of sacrificing self is inexplicable, regardless of the person’s conviction. Martyrdom may be rendered  more palatable when the sacrifice of self results in the betterment of others.  There are also instances of self sacrifice that suffers not others and benefits no one else. It is a personal journey or challenge that the person perceives as having value, to himself. One such case is the invitation to the plan for a one way journey to Mars. Thousands have applied. This one way trip may be construed as a science experiment that has social benefits. But for those who volunteered, it a may as well be a trip of vanity – it is a journey to death. Once again, can we really judge?

The Middle East (Iraq-Libya-Syria) is bathing in the blood of murders and rape of innocent people. The Islamists involved may insist that their atrocities are done in the name of Allah. They may be venting their anger in vengeance at the atrocities inflicted upon them by the USA. Whatever the reasons are, the indiscriminate killings have no moral grounds to continue. Unfortunately, the situation is not abating. Foreign jihadists from all over the world are pouring in to fuel the blood letting. The schizophrenia that has engulfed the ISIS militants is spreading fast to young gullible men and women. If Islam is truly a religion of peace, it is time to call a stop to the senseless killings. If not, the religion will be judged for what is it is.

Whether you are an atheist, an agnostic or one of other religious faith, there is still a conscience that lives in man. Judgment of basic rights and wrongs cannot be ignored, unless insanity is the plea. A judgment call is not divisive, but a moral necessity. That makes us man, not an animal.

Romans 2:15
Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another;)


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