Are You Confused?

0Sydney Morning HeraldBut the Prime Minister said that even if Monis had been “front and centre on our watch lists, even if this individual had been monitored 24 hours a day, it’s quite likely, certainly possible, that this incident could have taken place”.

And Mr Abbott vowed that if a review of Australia’s counter-terrorism measures found that a further strengthening of laws was needed “I’ll be doing more. My job is pretty simple, to try and protect and ensure the community is safe”.

“How can someone who has had such a long and chequered history not be on the appropriate watch lists and how can someone like that be entirely at large in the community?”   (…..)

Mr Abbott said that Monis had been “well known” to the Australian Federal Police, spy agency ASIO and the NSW police “but I don’t believe that he was on a terror watch list at this time”. 

Those were the comments and statements coming from Prime Minister Abbot in the aftermath of the Lindt Cafe hostage saga. It can only be described as utterly shocking reading the words from Abbot’s mouth. Just to make sure that Abbot was not misquoted in the Sydney Morning Herald report, here is another report from ABC News:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced the review this afternoon, saying there were questions “begging” to be asked.

“We particularly need to know how someone with such a long record of violence, such a long record of mental instability, was out on bail after his involvement in a particularly horrific crime,” he said.

“I certainly want answers to those sorts of questions and there was incredulity around the National Security Committee of the Cabinet yesterday when we were briefed on the details of his record and his life in this country.”

Firstly, Abbot is right that there are many questions that need answers. Abbot is also right to say that his job is very simple. But that is only in words and not deeds. How to protect the people of Australia and make it safe for them? That he did not elaborate even though he thinks it is easy job. He does not need to shirtfront some big bullies to get the job done. After the government spent billions on security and surveillance capabilities, their intelligence is indisputable. They knew, but did nothing. They let people who will make the place unsafe go roaming the streets without monitoring.

Abbot continues to affirm that even if he monitors Monis 24 hours a day, the tragedy will happen anyway. Now are you confused? The government spends billions to make the nation safe, but they knew that it will not make the nation safe. Why spend the freaking billions, collect intelligence, then play bingo at Canberra while the criminals are allowed to what they want? Are you still confused or you are with Abbot?

Now comes the most puzzling question: Abbot didn’t know why this incident happened! He knew. It will happen anyway according to him. He knew more will follow because all the efforts were futile. Criminals are set free. The law is ineffective. Nothing will work. The money spend is futile. The surveillance is futile. The money is spent to keep the economy steaming ahead. When government spends, economy grows. It is that simple. The economy needs a boost. Spending on secrecy is the easiest to tell the nation. It keeps the nation safe.

Now for more troubling news. Sydney Morning Herald further reported:

NSW police say there is no record that Martin Place siege gunman Man Haron Monis had a gun licence.

This is despite the Prime Minister Tony Abbott asserting in a press conference earlier that Monis, killed by police in a gun battle after a 16-hour siege, had been allowed to legally own weapons.

“The NSW Police Force has conducted checks with the NSW Firearms Registry and can confirm there is no record of the 50-year-old man having held a firearms licence,” a statement issued this evening said.

Abbot said that Monis had a licence to own guns. How could anyone let this “terrorist” own guns? The NSW police is quick to distance itself from that statement. So where did Abbot get that information from? Who supplied Monis with legal arms? The implication is that someone from the government service supplied the arms to Monis, hence it is legal.

If you are not confused by now, you need to head for Lindt Cafe for a cuppa. Alternatively, the whole Abbot’s cabinet should adjourn to the cafe to catch a sense of reality away from the sterile atmosphere in Canberra.

Proverbs 19:1
Better is the poor that walketh in his integrity, than he that is perverse in his lips, and is a fool.