Transhumanism – the Man-Machine

starwarsStar Wars generated almost three decades of blockbuster movie sensation since it made its debut in 1977. That was during a period when computers were chunky and the level of digital communication was till primitive compared to now. It was George Luca’s futuristic “imaginations” that were well ahead of his time. The plot of the series was fictitious. The weapons and technology concocted were pure fantasy, but mesmerising. Man and robots like 3CPO and R2D2 work in unison, doing tasks that flesh and blood could not possibly attempt. In retrospect, to say George Lucas is visionary is an understatement. He has an uncanny glimpse into the future. In retrospect, Star Wars wasn’t that fictional after all.  Star Wars is closer to reality than it is fiction.

Behind the mask of an old “gentleman”, the Dark Lord of Sith was the purveyor of evil. Of course, that’s pure fiction in the movie.  Just as Satan in the Bible, the Dark Lord corrupts man through his sinful nature and vacillating heart. He tempts and cajoles. He offers power for those who worships him. He offers eternal life. Luke Skywalker is portrayed as the “saviour”, a “Christ-like” figure in whom the Dark Lord seeks to destroy. In many ways, the Star War story mirrors the Biblical Satan and his fallen angels attempting to usurp the throne of God.

The corruption of power escalated into a battle of robots and clones. Battles will no longer be fought man against man. Super humans are being developed. Robots and drones take over the fight.  The prolific use of drones in battle fronts by the US military provides a glimpse of things to come. Star Wars is enfolding right before our eyes.

Darth Vader (source:

Darth Vader (source:

The next stage will see the emergence of man-machines. – transhumans. Four decades ago, Darth Vader was a figment of scientific imagination. Fast forward five decades later, Darth Vader is as real as scientific capability to synthesise man and machine.

Infowars reported, “According to transhumanists, not only will we be able to live much longer, but our quality of life will also be so much better in the future.  The following is how one transhumanist envisions what life will be like in the 2050s

Robots have become an important family acquisition. Ability to replicate self-assembling robot parts in nanofactories, make these machines easily available and affordable. By 2050, technologies advancing at “Moore’s Law” speeds have produced an android-like creature nearly indiscernible from a human.

Programmed with Internet-downloaded software, 2050s household robots cater to our every whim. They also manage the nanorobots that whiz through our veins keeping us healthy 24/7, and monitor our safety when we connect to simulation events that whisk us away in a Star Trek Holodeck-like adventure.”

Star Wars is here. We are almost there in a New World Order, when mortal man becomes god!

Genesis 3:5
For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.


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