The News Great Divide

_79353505_hughes_face_two_gettyOne man’s death hogs media headlines. Thousands die in wars and diseases, but news take a sideline. Sensational gossip and propaganda are what media is all about today. What emanates from the media (MSM) is cluttered with gossip rather than news that should deserve attention. Even if they are of value, these often reflect the views of the news moguls and not necessarily the true picture of the event. Are people not interested in news that affect their lives? Or is it that people in general are mind manipulated to such an extent that their focus is grossly managed, having no longer a mind of their own?

A sampling of today’s (28 November 2014) MSM headlines will reveal the extent of media’s bombardment on the readers:

Bowler in ‘heartbreaking’ place after cricket death
Freak accident: Why Phil Hughes died

‘Weeping’ Australia mourns Hughes
Followed by 6 related articles

Sydney Morning Herald:
Special tribute to Phillip Hughes

Perth Now:
Nation mourns lost son, champion cricketer

ABC News:
Phillip Hughes’s death shocks international community as Lord’s flags fly at half‑mast

Featuring the death of cricketer Hughes as the front-page Aussie news is relevant for the Aussies who worship the game and adore sport idols. But for the US and UK to do likewise doesn’t seem to fit the importance of the news to their respective countries, both of which are on the other end of the globe. Of course, it is not unusual for the US-UK-AU trio to act and speak together in tandem and in one voice. The reports on the ISIS menace, the Ukraine impasse and the recent G20 summit evidently suggest that the trio speaks in unison.

There is of course a historical symbiotic link amongst the trio. They are all rooted in London, and are part of the British empire outreach. Hitherto, Australia still has the Queen as the supreme “monarch”. The US is tightly bound in finance and politics via entities in high places that control the powerful City of London and Washington DC. This supreme corporate loosely called the “Crown” (not to be confused, the “Crown” is not the British monarch) is a conglomerate of entities wielding control over the west-aligned world. The ownership of the news media empire in US, UK and AU can also be traced to a small elite group of people with linkages to the Crown incorporated.

Turning away from these trifecta-news, there are more news-worthy reporting coming from other “non-aligned” sources. These are less syndicated, corroborative style of news, featuring more on local news at the centre stage. Unfortunately most news are state-controlled. Biased reporting and state propaganda is expected.

The borderless internet opens a new frontier for news gathering. With the MSM, news are filtered and tightly controlled before they are disseminated. With social news, information are prolific and uncontrolled. Given the two extreme ends of information available, it now takes considerable effort to create a personal filter to weed out junk and mis-information. To make matters worse, news are being dumped at break-neck pace. A new problem now emerges – how to bridge the great news divide.

Daniel 12:4
But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.


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