No Gold? Yes Got Gold

goldIn 2013, when Germany’s Bundesbank asked to get back her gold held in the vaults in USA, Germany got a shock. The Federal Reserve did not say Germany could not get the gold repatriated. But it would take 7 years to have the 300 tonnes held by the Fed to be repatriated. A year later, Germany only got 5 tonnes of the gold back? It was strange that Germany timidly subjugated herself to the Fed’s power and did not challenge the action of the Fed. Why couldn’t Germany get her gold back. It belongs to them. The Fed is only a custodian.

Speculation is rife that all the gold in the Fed is gone. Gold it seems, had been hypothecated and re-hypothecated. Just as in the fractional reserve system, no one thinks that the owner will want to have the cumbersome gold held in their own vaults. Hence the ponzi scheme of gold hypothecation has no impact. An ounce of gold can be pledged over and over again. Paper gold becomes the gold that is transacted in the markets. Not only can the Fed prints money, it can now mint paper gold out of thin air.

Germany’s attempt to repatriate gold slowly fizzles away from the media glare. Now the Dutch announced that she has successfully repatriated 122 tonnes of gold back to Netherlands. What a relief it must have been. So there is gold. Why isn’t Germany getting her gold while the lesser Netherlands could get the gold back, seemingly without resistance from the Fed? Is there gold in the Fed’s vaults or is there no gold? What does it take to get the Fed to release  the gold? The Germans need a lesson from the Dutch.

An interesting story surfaced during an interview by Dr Dave Janda with Ed Steer of Gold and Silver Daily. When the Ukraine civil war started and the USA intervened, it was rumoured that the Ukrainian gold were looted by agents from the USA during the chaos of ousting Viktor Yanukovych. Now Ukraine officially confirmed that all her gold is gone. Dr Janda connected the dots pertaining to the Netherlands role in the MH17 investigation and Netherland’s repatriation of gold. Now there is a plausible reason why the Dutch did it. Dr Janda postulated that the Dutch could have conspired with the Fed to possibly falsify or obfuscate the real culprits who took down MH17 in exchange for the gold deal.

Circumstantial evidence does favour this “conspiracy” theory. The geo-political and financial world is so convoluted and fraudulent in recent times. What was once unbelievable is now believable. Just look at the incredible things that governments and banksters do. MH370 just “disappeared”. MH17 got shot down under strange circumstances. Saddam Hussein was accused of amassing WMD but that was proven to be a lie. After inflicting hundreds of thousands of deaths in Iraq, George Bush got the audacity to joke about “no WMD” in Iraq (see video) while the audience laughed. They wouldn’t have laughed if they have children killed in Iraq. Their obnoxious behaviour reaffirms Gruber’s comment that Americans are stupid.

Questions regarding the 911 incident remains unanswered. Banks are now “too big to fail”. The Seal team that took down Osama Bin Laden was mysteriously killed. The day before 911, Rumsfeld announced $2.3 trillions were not accounted for at the Pentagon. That was conveniently forgotten after the 911 distraction. Mysteries and coincidences are beginning to resonate in harmony. Sherlock Holmes would be baffled at all these mysteries. The element of trust in most public offices are gone. Could Dr Janda be right in connecting the dots? We may not find out. All the world needs now is WW3 and all will be forgotten.

Proverbs 9:17
Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant.


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