From Freezing APEC to Blazing G20

ospreyThe cold APEC front continues to sweep from China, moving south past the equator and into sunny Brisbane. Unfortunately, the Brisbane 40 degree Celcius sunshine may not be able to thaw the frozen glacial-relationship of major world leaders. The spectre of a breaking glazier now faces the world. When it breaks, the crashing ice avalanche may unleash a torrent of catastrophic tsunamis to wreck the nations in its path. No nation is immune to the imminent wreck. 

When the leaders were in China for the APEC summit, no major news pertaining to the leaders security made it to the headlines. Either the Chinese security is absolutely impregnable or it is very safe in China. Security is taken for granted in China. Kudos to China. The focus is now shifted to Australia’s Brisbane, a city of freedom and democracy. But the ambience is starkly different. Unlike China, the paranoia of insecurity explodes. Australia appears totally unsafe as security takes centrefold. Why is this free country so insecure compared to the dictatorial China? Why is it that 1.4 billion Chinese live free while 24 million Aussies shuddered in fear!

Rissian navy

The security forces are all out to ensure secure passage of these leaders, in particular that of Obama. The Brisbane Times reported that Obama’s secret service wanted a roundabout demolished so that his motorcade and his Beast can travel unimpeded. noted that  his (Obama) security team have gutted an entire floor of the Marriott Hotel where the President is staying, removing mirrors, bedding and furniture in the rooms to prevent listening devices being placed where vital staff are working in the next few days.”

Australia is expected to spend more than $100 million just on security for the two-day Leaders’ Summit in Brisbane and associated events. Even this is not a war, ABC News reported the event as one of Australia’s largest peacetime military operation. On top of this, individual countries are expected to send their own army of security agents to protect their leaders. Russia’s Ilyushin Il-76, Saudi’s Boeing 777, US MV22 Ospreys and KC130J refuelling tankers are buzzing around in the skies as leaders flew in. These “private” security forces are indications of how these governments view Australia’s security standards. Australia is no longer a safe country.

Meanwhile, Putin exercised his military might with the deployment of a fleet of naval vessels in international waters off Queensland in a routine naval exercise. Australia downplays the naval deployment as Russia’s entitlement to traverse international waters while discreetly sending 2 frigates and a patrol aircraft to monitor the fleet of Russian warships. Western media subtly suggested that this is Russia’s aggressive posture,  “His message is not a threat, but a political statement.”

The US military on the other hand is operating at full force within Australia. This is not an invasion. Australia and the USA are one. Americans are treating the Down Under real estate as their own. After all, Australia is in perceived as nothing but a USA outpost. The US security agents came and tore apart a hotel, ripped up roads, conduct military operations and have a good time at the brothels. Why not, all these are probably paid by taxpayers. Yet, there was not a whimper from Australians about the US menace. How strange!

Jeremiah 15:17
I never sat in the company of revelers, never made merry with them; I sat alone because your hand was on me and you had filled me with indignation.


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