APEC: Icy Diplomacy

abeChina welcomed world leaders to the APEC meeting with pomp and pageantry in typical well choreographed magnificent displays. Yet, beneath the glamorous facade, diplomatic protocols have reached a nadir. Nowhere in history has the world witnessed such a charade put up by world leaders in a high profile world leaders meeting. The polar vortex blasting the USA mimics its cold power at the APEC centre stage. World leaders are giving cold shoulders to each other, without intention to camouflage disdain for each other. There were no smiles, just perfunctory handshakes. Even eye contacts were visibly avoided. Such is the tense atmosphere. APEC has become the diplomat’s circus where clowns teased the world. APEC – Annual Party for Epic Clowns!

The tensions are highlighted by some revealing headlines, some of which are noted below:

Kinja: Things Got So Awkward Between Putin And Obama At China’s APEC Summit“No eye contact was made between the two during the initial group reception and publicity shots wearing the customary “Dr. Evil At The Club” outfits. … Some strange silent glances were made during highly publicized APEC events.”

Sydney Morning Herald: Tony Abbott’s close encounter with Vladimir Putin at APEC leaders’ portrait“Mr Abbott at first struggled to find his place in the line up but eventually found his position next to his political soulmate – Canada’s conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper – but, awkwardly, directly behind President Putin. The leaders avoided making any eye contact although Mr Abbott was photographed glancing towards the Russian leader,”

Pedestrain.tv: Vladimir Putin is Making Things Awkward for Tony Abbott at APEC“Prime Minister Tony Abbott has had his first encounter with horse-riding bad boy and #swoleasfuck Russian Vladimir Putin at the APEC leaders’ summit and … it did not go very well. …. Allegedly, after the photo was taken, Putin completely iced Abbott, walking away while chatting with Chinese president Xi Jinping. “

WantChinaTimes: Shaken, not stirred: Xi had intent with awkward Abe handshake “Chinese president Xi Jinping’s “cold face” treatment of Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe during their awkward handshake at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit on Monday provides interesting insights into the future of Sino-Japanese relations and Xi’s diplomatic philosophy, says Duowei News, a US-based Chinese political news outlet.”

WantChinaTimes: Icy greeting between Xi and Abe suggests relations yet to thaw “A Chinese commentator cited by the daily said that the meeting represents a good start in thawing relations, but that the ice is yet to be broken.”

APEC 2014

APEC 2014

Another indelible political statement imprinted at the summit is depicted in the “group photograph”. It is usual protocol that leaders of importance are placed next to the host. The further away, the lesser the importance attributed to the leader. Putin stood next to China’s Xi. Obama, President of the “most powerful nation” in the world was placed between the “wives club“, nowhere near the host.

Obama must be infuriated and took revenge with his annoying rapper gum chewing display of utter disrespect according to Zerohedge:

“The chew seen around the world,” as President Obama chomped on Nicorette gum during the recent APEC summit ceremonies, has sparked outrage in China, describing his behavior as “rude” and “inappropriate.”

obama3For the leader of the most powerful nation to exhibit such behaviour is inexplicable. Obama’s behaviour showing public disdain is not new though. He did the same thing during the 7oth ceremony of D-Day and during the 2013 inauguration. He, as “commander-in-chief”, saluted a pair of United States Marines while sending troops to war holding what appeared to be a styrofoam cup in his saluting hand which is a breach of military regulations. He continued playing golf after addressing ISIS beheading of James Foley. He habitually lies. The list of his perplexing behaviour goes on. Is it no wonder that China puts Obama in his rightful place for the photo-take?

A question concerns Obama’s mental health. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that President Obama was suffering from “some kind of mental aberration” for saying during a U.N. speech last month that Russia posed a global threat. Some, like Dr. Sam Vaknin, the author of the Malignant Self Love believe “Barack Obama appears to be a narcissist.” With Obama’s APEC’s showing, the world must be left wondering if Obama is sane, or is he just a “Rapper” sitting on a throne!

But amid the pillories, some sense of humor survived. One blogger said the gum-chewing made Mr. Obama look like a hip-hop artist as he emerged from the car. Another said it must be a case of the butterflies. “He must be nervous,” the blogger wrote. “If Kim Jong-Un came, there would definitely not be any chewing of gum!” (Mediate.com)

Obama is nervous! Could it be that Obama is on some kind of drugs to keep him going and maintain his cool? He has had a history of drug addiction. The weight of his Presidency may have been to heavy for him to bear and he is cracking. His handlers need him to complete his term and will do all it takes to make him look sane and without evidence of drug addiction. Maybe, the drugs are conveniently administered via chewing gums? This could be the explanation for this addiction to chewing gums, aka drugs. If that is true, he might just be barred from entering Singapore where chewing gums are banned.

Daniel 4:31
While the word was in the king’s mouth, there fell a voice from heaven, saying, O king Nebuchadnezzar, to thee it is spoken; The kingdom is departed from thee.


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