ISIS: Roosting at Home

AAP: Paul Miller

AAP: Paul Miller

ChannelNewsAsia –  “Australians have been told to prepare for more large-scale counter-terrorism raids as Attorney-General George Brandis revealed 73 people have had their passports cancelled to prevent them joining the Islamic State group.

Canberra in September raised its terror threat level and carried out extensive raids in Sydney and Brisbane to disrupt an alleged plot by IS supporters to abduct and behead a member of the public. Only two people were charged despite 800 officers being involved.”

Now that Canberra has become part of the mess in Iraq with ISIS and the “international coalition”, it will be extremely difficult to disassociate and extricate herself from the quagmire. Man must not presume that everyone thinks the same way in a rational fashion. The reason why some people are considered “radicals” is simply because they do not conform the the classical notion of rational thoughts. What normal people believe is not what they believe. Radicals will not yield to norms of societies. They live in a world of their own and make their own laws. They are not afraid to die. To make this critical mistake of rationalising with radicals is suicidal.

Canberra, in her own wisdom, pulled the plug on 73 people deemed to be ISIS supporters. Their passports were cancelled so that they no longer can travel. Now that these 73 people are being “exposed and named”, what is the likely consequence and reactions from them and their symphatisers? Australia’s Prime Minister Abbot is naive to think that Canberra’s unprovoked involvement in Iraq has no dire consequences to her populace. It takes a homicide at home for Abbot to be awakened.  “‘Prime Minister Tony Abbott says a shooting outside a Sydney prayer centre appears to be an example of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group having an impact in Australia.'” (ABC News)

Will cancelling their passports make the world safer? Perhaps so, but this is a very puerile presupposition. They may no longer be able to travel to Iraq to join the ISIS forces leading to potentially less carnage in Iraq. But, they are now forced to roost at home. If there is going to be any acts of terror, it is now confined to home.

Peeking into the psyche of these people, who presumably have radical ideology, what can we glean from walking through the labyrinth of their minds? It could be mere conjecture. But tying the hands of a person who is psychologically charged to the brim to decimate those who do not agree with them is tantamount to compressing a spring and hoping that it will not rebound. The potential energy that is waiting to be released has not dissipated by confining such people to home. In fact it has the opposite effect of adding more fury to the suppressed hate and anger. Any opportunity for this energy to be released is likely to cause an explosion of passion and ruthless rampage. It is no longer a threat for Iraq that is thousands of miles away. The threat is now at home. Therein lies more dangers ahead. How many more police and security officers will Canberra deploy to make Australia safe? Eight hundred heads cannot police this vast nation. Neither would 8000 or 10,000.

Some leaders act foolishly. There is a teacher call “history”. This teacher does not lie. Tragically, there is more adrenalin to look beyond the unknowns of tomorrow and implement policies based on pure conjecture and ideologies instead of relying on good teachings of old-fashioned history. Maybe the past does not excite as future does. The future can be influenced, not the past. That provides an illusion of power and control.

If there is just one thing to learn from history, don’t follow the footsteps of USA. That would be folly.

Psalm 17:4
Concerning the works of men, by the word of thy lips I have kept me from the paths of the destroyer.


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