Smokey Screen

While South East Asia battles air pollution caused by forest fires coming from the Sumatra forests, China struggles with her air pollution that blankets all the major cities. For South East Asian countries, the pollution is much beyond their control as it originates from neighbouring sovereign lands. In China, it is the pursuit of industrialisation that propels its rapid growth and concomitant pollution. Down Under in Australia, smoke comes from Canberra by choice. Canberra does not pollute the air, it pollutes the mind. 

14 September 2014 (The Guardian)

ADF personnel will be based in the US headquarters “to ensure close coordination” with the US and to support planning and logistics.

We are not deploying combat troops but contributing to international efforts to prevent the humanitarian crisis from deepening,” said Abbott.

In recent weeks Australia has provided air lift assistance, transporting humanitarian supplies and weapons in the region.

While he said there would be no boots on the ground in Iraq, Abbott left open the possibility that the mission could extend into combat operations, perhaps stretching for “many many months.”

3 October 2014 (The Australian)

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has announced Australian war planes will begin conducting air strikes against the “death cult” of the Islamic State in Iraq.

“Yes it is a combat deployment, but it is essentially a humanitarian mission to protect the people of Iraq and ultimately the people of Australia.” (Abbot’s muddled logic of protecting Australians)

15 October 2014 (

Australia’s 200 Special Forces are stalled in the United Arab Emirates, awaiting legal clearance to kick off their mission assisting the Iraqi Security Forces in repelling the Islamic State.

The Special Forces, under the leadership of 2nd Commando Regiment, arrived in the UAE a month ago, fully equipped for their “advise and assist” role, but Iraq is sending mixed signals on whether it wants the Australians in Iraq.

The new Iraqi government of Haider al-Abadi has expressed reluctance about allowing foreign troops onto Iraqi soil — even though small groups of combat specialists, including US, German and British, have made their way to the front lines.

20 October 2014 (ABC News)

Ms Bishop said the special forces mission would be to “advise and assist the Iraqi government in building up the capacity of the Iraqi security forces”.

During her trip, Ms Bishop reiterated that Australian forces would be deployed in an advisory capacity and that Canberra had no plans to send ground troops to fight alongside Iraqi forces.

1 Nov 2014 (ABC News)

At this stage Australian forces in Iraq will not be conducting their own independent operations but rather working with Iraqi military units on what has been dubbed an ‘Advise and Assist’ mission.

However, some insiders describe it as a “triple A Mission – Advise, Assist and Accompany”.

Lowy Institute military fellow James Brown says “Accompany” is actually the key to their role. …

Estimates for Australia are somewhere closer to $500 million a year, but the longer the conflict continues the more it will strain the budget and stretch Australia’s military capacity.

Was Canberra engaged in a series of smokescreen propaganda to deceive ignorant Aussies of the real intent of the whole Iraqi campaign? The progression of statements released from Canberra bears testimony to a possible clandestine agenda.

Mark 13:5
And Jesus answering them began to say, Take heed lest any man deceive you: