Horror Windy Night

clowns-1.siRT News“A French town has decided to ban clowns this Halloween after a wave of incidents involving freakish, terrorizing and sometimes violent clowns swept across the country. Vendargues, a town of 6,000 residents in southern France, said it wants to temporarily outlaw clown costumes for the year’s biggest time of costume parties to “avoid any disruption” during the festivities, Mayor Pierre Dudieuzere said.”

It’s amazing how the world can be so bewitched by evil. Even during times of high unemployment and financial woes, the National Retail Federation reported: “Halloween will be celebrated in record numbers in 2014, with more than two-thirds of Americans buying Halloween costumes this year. Total spending for the holiday on costumes, decorations, candy and more is estimated at $7.4 billion. View survey results.”

If you are not already nauseated by the figures, more shock awaits. The Atlantic reported that “Additionally, the NRF says that retailers could benefit this year from the holiday falling on a Friday, as parents will be more likely to take kids out and revelers more inclined to attend or throw parties, boosting costume sales. And don’t forget the puppies: The NRF estimates that Americans will spend $350 million just on pet Halloween costumes.”

$350 millions spent on Halloween costumes on pets while 46 million Americans are on food stamps! Just before you stop reading and proceed to the Halloween party of hell or join another gay party (you can’t see who is behind the costume anyway), just have a look at the statistics:

U.S. household consumer debt profile:

  • Average credit card debt: $15,607
  • Average mortgage debt: $153,500
  • Average student loan debt: $32,656

In total, American consumers owe:

  • $11.63 trillion in debt
    • An increase of 3.8% from last year
  • $880.5 billion in credit card debt
  • $8.07 trillion in mortgages
  • $1,120.3 billion in student loans
    • An increase of 11.5% from last year
children killed

TheChristian.com – Slaughter of Children

Americans – you are sick to the core. It is hard to continue with this blog. No more words can explain American ethics today. Parents, stop leading your children into the dark abyss of hell. Please take a pause and contemplate if you want your children to follow this fate of death and desolation.

Even the flag is burning with rage!

Deuteronomy 18:10
There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.