A New god

wwwRT News – “A new survey for Google has revealed that many Jewish Israelis are ready to forego sex and give up family time in order to stay connected to the web. Other sacrifices included giving up speech, hearing and paradoxically even eyesight. … Psychologists have been debating whether internet addiction constitutes a mental illness. The American Psychiatric Association does not classify it as one, but many psychologists believe that internet addiction requires proper treatment. “

Are you crazy? Give up your family, friends, sex just to be hooked on the net! We once thought that drugs like LSD and cocaine of the hippie days are dangerous. Drugs destroyed one generation through casual sex and believe in nothingness induced by drugs. Their power to control the addicted soul is almost absolute once a person let that drug demon into his life. Drugs were a one-way road to hell.

If the Google survey is accurate to be representative of people in developed countries today, we are doomed. The New World Order has definitely arrived. The moral and values of this generation have been so manipulated that should send chills down our spines. Can you see a new god emerging in the life of this generation? It is not a benevolent god, but a god of death.

Why aren’t we hearing cries to pry youngsters away from the internet and the smartphone? On the contrary, we are encouraging the use of these technologies.

Violent virtual games and prolific pornography are at the disposal of anyone who is hooked to the internet. Mindless children are connected to a faceless world of Facebook and endless social games and services. Unlike drugs, control is virtually impossible in cyberspace. If drugs were so devastating during the hippie generation, the virtual world junkie is facing a even more catastrophic enemy of addiction and mind control in cyberspace. There is an unseen war waging ferociously. We are raising a new breed of zombies, with no more feelings, emotions and friendship that exists in world of flesh and blood.

As reported by Christian Today, another survey of 2,000 young people between the ages of 11 and 17 corroborates the findings of the Google survey. Some comments made in the survey suggest strongly the deep impact of mind control on young people:

“The internet nearly always controls my actions. I have been told that I am addicted to the internet, and prefer its company rather than being with other people. I feel lost without the internet,” one Year 8 girl admitted.

“I seriously have withdrawal if someone takes my tablet away. I walk around the house with it even though it’s not even turned on, I just like being with it!” said another girl currently in Year 9.

A third teenager shared that she feels “nervous” when she isn’t able to access the internet. “I feel like I’m missing something,” she said.

Before the minds of young kids get totally scrubbed by the bombardment of the internet, discerning parents have the duty to campaign hard on the dangers posed by the internet, particularly via personal smartphones. Those who did not grow up in the internet era may be less susceptible. Even so, many would find it hard to leave home without the phone, not the wallet. The feeling of “being lost” without the convenience of the phone is scarily real. While totally invisible, that power of addiction and control is omnipresent. It’s time to get real and arrest the invasion of this power that is descending upon mankind before it is too late.

Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


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