The Simpson’s Prophecy

simpsonsSimpsons is the longest American running animated cartoon series created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company. It began in December 17, 1989 and has since broadcast over 556 episodes, with the 26th season beginning on September 28, 2014. There are some strange (prophetic) cartoons created by Groening in the past that should invoke curiosity over the creation of the Simpsons. What does the Simpson’s (i.e Matt Groening) know that we don’t?

In the 1997  episode entitled Lisa’s Sax from Season 9, a clip of the series showed a book  “Curious George and the Ebola virus” that was presented to the Marge’s sick son Bart to read. Was this just a coincidence or as some conspiracy theorists claim, is predictive programming. Someone does have some fore knowledge of what is in store 15 years later. Ebola was not a front-page phenomenon then, although Ebola was first documented back in 1976 in Sudan. In 1995, there was a major outbreak in Zaire.  In the video clip below, Bart further pointed to a bloody scene of death following the viewing of the Ebola book. It just raises a few more troubling questions about what was shown in this episode.

Beyond this, there are several other cartoon clips that suggest diabolical links to the secretive Illuminati. The pictures are quite overt, only when they are scrutinised in still frames. In videos, the pictures may just flashed past and are more subliminal rather than being overt.

911 Event

911 Event

911 Building on Fire

911 Building on Fire

The still frame shown on the left shows a scene that is reminiscent of 911 event before the event actually took place. Even the “11” was made to look like the twin towers. In the next frame, the reflection in the mirror shows a building on fire that closely resembles the World Trade Centre fire after it was bombed. The coincidence is simply too uncanny to brush it away as something not done with deliberate intent and knowledge.

In the following video, more indications of Illuminati involvement of the Simpson series are exposed.

It seems like the Simpsons is not just a cartoon entertainment. In fact, the overwhelming success for this ugly and silly looking cartoon is already a suspect. It does have a hypnotic power over the audience that defies understanding. Just like many entertainers that sold their souls to the devil in exchange for success, perhaps Groening might have also done a deal with the devil too. This is consistent with Groening describing life in Los Angeles to his friends in the form of the self-published comic book Life in Hell, which was loosely inspired by the chapter “How to Go to Hell” in Walter Kaufmann’s book Critique of Religion and Philosophy.

Matthew 4:9
And (Satan) saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.



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