Islamic Terror?

MuslimPerth Now – Perth’s Muslim children bearing brunt of public backlash over extremist group Islamic State

The beheading of innocent people in the Middle East by those claiming to be from ISIS is creating a deep chasm between simple Muslim folks and “infidels”, i.e. those not embracing the Islam faith. The winds of tit-for-tat retaliations are being stirred into fearful storms. In multicultural societies, ordinary Muslims have lived happily with non-Muslim neighbours. There is harmony and acceptance of cultural or religious differences. People treat one another with respect, not by race or creed. Most don’t even really care nor understand what other religions teach and uphold. There is simple co-existence as human beings. So how did this tension and rift developed in such once harmonious societies?

There seems to be no simple answer to this transformation. The irony is that there IS actually a simple answer that is only denied to complicated minds. The problem is that people no longer have simple minds. The mind has become corrupted, leading to spiritual blindness. It can be said that none seeks wisdom, but instead, are consumed with greed and materialism. They “see” but nor perceive, “hear” but not discern. They appear wise but are in fact foolish. The consequential results are dreadful.

Religion, as the world knows it, is politics disguised. Until this is understood, religion will continue to be the scapegoat of many global conflicts. Since the early history of Christianity and Islam, crusades were fought over power and territorial disputes rather religious ideology. Until now, the present Islamic turmoils are fundamentally politically induced events, nothing about God, or gods in some cultures. Once the mindset is disengaged from wrongful associations with religion, understanding the problems will be made much simpler.

On the facade, the unending Palestinian conflict in Israel is a tug of war between Judaism and Islam. Fighters for Palestinian “rights” are clothed in green Islamic ideology, resulting in Islamic sympathisers joining the fray. From a tussle for land rights, it morphed into an Islamic challenge. It is the same in the case of ISIS. By branding itself as a champion of an Islamic Caliphate, gullible Muslims from all over the world are lured into fighting a cause that has no merit at all. The claims for an Islamic caliphate is nothing more than a claim of land rights and the concomitant desire by a few people to establish a Islamic political system. It is also a fight against US hegemony and control of oil resources. Islam is a just a tool for this unfortunate endeavour. The frivolous blood letting is sad. It will not end.

Matthew 10:34
Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.


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