Lone Wolf Terrorism

A news headline reads: “Oklahoma woman beheaded in workplace attack by man who had allegedly tried to convert co-workers to Islam; Update: No evidence of link to terror groups.”

Once again, a lone wolf brings the world to its knees. One deranged man, or one who has strong ideological inclinations, is enough to freeze a nation. There’s no need for a brigade of mad man to hold the world hostage. Yes that’s the power of one “crazy” man. If you are still not convinced that this is the case, just look around what governments are doing just to contain that one man. They are not worried about masses of crazy people who may create hideous harm. But they are all worried about what one man can do. 

Sada-E-Houssaini Daily“Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he is worried about potential “lone wolf” terrorist attacks in Australia, amid already existing fears that terrorists linked to the ISIL may carry out coordinated attacks on Australian soil.

“I am deeply concerned about the threat that lone wolf terrorism poses to people,” said Abbott, whose government has raised the terror threat level in the country to high.

“I’m very concerned but I want to assure people that our police, our security and intelligence agencies are as professional as any in the world,” the Australian prime minister added. “And we are maintaining maximum vigilance to keep our country safe.””

BBC News“France has said it wants to strengthen its anti-terror laws by banning suspected jihadi recruits from leaving the country and cracking down on so-called “lone wolf” terrorists.

It has proposed shutting internet sites which preach jihad to young people, to stop French-born militants returning from jihadist movements in Syria and other countries and launching attacks on European soil.

The proposed new law follows the arrest of Mehdi Nemmouche, the 29-year-old man who is suspected of killing four people at the Brussels Jewish museum in May after fighting in Syria with IS.”

The world is inundated with fear mongering by governments. Each day, we have to look over our shoulders to ensure that the person next to us may not be a potential “lone wolf”. The good neighbour next door now looks suspicious because he acted strangely or comes from a different race. At airports and transit points, the traveller is literally stripped to the skin to make sure he is not a lone wolf. Infants and old grandmas are subject to similar degrading searches and scans. No one can be trusted anymore. No one, not the government too. Trust in mankind has been totally obliterated.

So who is a “lone wolf” that governments are so fearful of? Wikipedia defines it as “A lone wolf or lone-wolf fighter is someone who commits or prepares for, or is suspected of committing or preparing for, violent acts in support of some group, movement, or ideology, but who does so alone, outside of any command structure and without material assistance from any group.

In the U.S. legal context, the lone wolf is associated with the U.S. terror-law FISA, bearing in mind that U.S. terror-law comprises non-violent, as well as violent acts. Moreover, a lone wolf can be so defined on the mere basis of suspicion (“reasonable belief”, not actual charges). Probable cause is not required.”

By definition, everyone is a lone wolf. In effect, governments all over the world are not afraid of terrorism. They are afraid of YOU.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.